Young Democrats congratulated Kozulin and were in police

How could say our radio vice-chairman UCP youth structure "Young Democrats" Misha Pashkevich, activists intend to congratulate Alexander Kozulin funny day of birth, also remind Minskers about Belarus — the last country in Europe where there are political prisoners.
"We purposely did not advertise anywhere since the shares, preparing for it only by" Young Democrats ", but it seems that one of the steps occurred emerged disk imaging", — said Mikhail Pashkevich. By him, shares at the beginning of the 14 hours on October Square were a few 10’s of people in civilian clothes.

Police detains participants of the protest Misha Pashkevich

Misha Pashkevich detained at the time when he began to get out of the knapsack portraits of political prisoners. Coupled with Pashkevich were detained members of the "Young Democrats" Misha Kryvau, Sergei and Konstantin Kluev Simankov. They were taken to the Central district police department, where through some time released without accounting protocols.
Other protesters forcibly ousted from the October Square Special Forces soldiers.

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