Young Front: power act on U.S. sanctions and a UN resolution

Report this comment spokeswoman unregistered organization "Young Front"Tatiana Shaputska:
"We believe that it is — a good character. It shows that U.S. sanctions and a UN resolution worked, and now the authorities in Belarus do not know what to do with the opposition youth. "
Tatiana Shaputska also clarified that at the moment Soligorsk prosecutors leads probe into the role of the Young in the street protests November 7.
Cause of young activists for questioning and in Mogilev. There policemen threatened to start an administrative case against Tatiana Bulanovoj. Lady detained together with her friends day of birth. Police believe that an unauthorized meeting.

Gomel KGB stopped the investigation regarding "Junior Front"26.11.2007 If Belarus does not heed the UN resolution, its expected new sanctions, 21.11.2007

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