Z.Paznyaka to Prevent Justice CCP BPF

The reason for the warning was a letter that members of the party flooryear reversed distributed in the municipalities. Ministry of Justice proposes to finish the spread letters and recognize its spread wrongful act. In case of non-party liquidate.
Chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF "Revival" Zenon Pozniak believes that the authorities’ response caused by several factors, one of which — a positive response to a letter from officials.
Letter calling suspend assimilation Belarusian people has excerpts from Russian dictionaries explaining the concept of assimilation. Creators letters explain that the process of assimilation of the Belarusian people drown as begin to expand the use of the Belarusian language. They urge officials to use the constitutional status of statehood whiteRussian language.
According to the Ministry of Justice, the letter violates the Constitution regarding freedom of choice of language.
Here is a quote from the letter: "We need to flip 180 degrees orientation expression:" Man must be entitled select the language in which he read. "" We make a choice in favor of whiteRussian language. "So even though you can answer what-chynadralu asymilyataru, which is based in the structures of the vertical mode, if he asks:" What are you moved to Russia? ".
Zenon Pozniak said "Freedom":
"Because it is very excellent in globally it was perceived. I have a lot of reviews, and this is discussed. Very badabout a letter received by the West. And a very fine letter apprehended the people who sent him. Returned only one nerazdrukavany letter. All prepared discussions are among themselves, and there is an effect. Apparently who need and where need is analyzed and arranged. No matter what. Said — made ".
If a certain time requirement Justice will fail to start liquidation proceedings party. Zenon Pozniak assured that such a perspective it niskolechko not scare.

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