10 thousand for Zhuravkov Minister Navumau

Paper Zhuravkov — are small, folded into triangles pieces of colored paper with portraits of political prisoners Dmitry Dashkevich and Alexander Kozulin. Strung on a thread, they hitched to bolshennomu Zhorova cardboard. With the transfer of such rights activists Ales Bialiatski and Valentin Stefanovich come now to the Ministry Interior. Ales Bialiatski turned to the policeman at the entrance:

"The point of this campaign is people with around the world make such malehankih cranes. They asked us to give them personally to the Minister Naumov. It sent us all of London. "
Policeman: "With this, you can pass in the fourth staircase."
The fourth is the entrance of the Ministry of Public Reception Minister Vladimir Naumov. Officer on duty, accepted the transfer, do not forget to rewrite all this passport data of human rights defender Ales Bialiatski. Journalists in this time waited in the hallway at the door waiting room. If one of the photographers to capture coveted light suddenly went out in the hallway. What’s wrong with a cardboard crane, remained unclear, but police assured that it would be taken to the addressee.
Street rights activist Valentin Stefanovich share commented:

"Sense of the action even in what? Almost yesterday KGB spokesman said that we do not have political prisoners in Belarus, it’s all nonsense. Naumov also once read about this. But global organization" Amnesty International "and Belarusian human rights activists, political prisoners we have, as it is in the code and political articles. "
"Amnesty International" is not the first year through their own countless activists how to support Belarusian political prisoners. According to Valentin Stefanovich, paper Zhuravkov already reached the Shklou colony to Dmitry Dashkevich through the mail. "Prison censorship cranes passed him in the unfolded state, and political prisoner at first could not understand what it did for the colored sheets. Later managed to send clarification. Dmitry was very grateful to everyone who supported him, "- said the human rights activist. On This time half lined Zhuravkov addressed Alexander Kozulin.
Favorite "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich is serving half years in prison for his role in an unregistered organization. Month reversed activist lured to justice again — already for refusing to testify against his friends from the "Young Front". During this tribunal sentenced Dashkevycha huge monetary fine.
Last presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin sentenced to 5.5 years imprisonment on charges of disorderly conduct and organization of the riots. Own guilt politician recognizes and considers it a political persecution.
"Amnesty International" recognized Dmitry Dashkevich and Alexander Kozulin prisoners of conscience.

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