119 bucks — not a gift. It was in the contract

"Just at the moment are rising some details of the agreement, which was signed at the end of 2006 between Belarus and "Gazprom". According to the agreement, in the first quarter of 2008 the price of gas Belarus should not rise over by 19 percent. That is what happened. Because of any gifts for Belarus can not be read.

On any gifts Belarus read impossible.

The rest of the period, an increase Belarus will be based on European prices. And it will match 67 percent of syarednyaevrapeyskay prices, as foreseen in the contract.
That in the first quarter of the cost will be so, did not know that none of the journalists. But this know Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko because he is so confident and read about 119 bucks. I myself found out about it from a reliable source in the government until now. The Belarusian side not very happy with the fruits of the negotiations because they were talking to reach revising the formula itself, because binding to evrapeykay prices are not very satisfied with Minsk. "

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