2007 — a year of stagnation in all spheres

Chairman of the BPF Lavon Barshcheuski referred to 2007 is the year of the recession. Optimism in society has not increased and has increased pessimism:
"2007 — it was a year of economic stagnation. Indeed Belarusian magic that called the Belarusian economy clearly began to show itself as the price of energoelementy started walking in the direction of real prices. It immediately took away people guarantees to which they are accustomed. But people have not accustomed to the fact that so their rights defend, you need to learn to protest.
Need to remember these forgotten for their concepts as trade unions, demonstrations, pickets, demonstrations. After this case people, and the opposition parties, organizations can only logistical support to assist this. Now, when people understand it, then we will quicken civilian society and can be wait eakanamichnyh social configurations. Year, of course, was a year of stagnation in all areas. "
Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) Igor Rynkevich referred fruitful that during the Congress of Democratic Forces Commission approved the creation of a public rehabilitation of victims of political repression. Also, both former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin and plainclothes A.Milinkevich supported campaign "Belarus to Europe." Rinkevich said:

"During this year there was a lot of strong events. First, is the Congress of the united democratic forces. Not all happened he wishedaxis. And issues such as the government of national trust, illegitimacy sovereign Lukashenko, it all fell out of the political process, and the opposition is not intercepted the initiative in This year.
In general, managed to avoid the worst. Not lost unity of democratic forces. But all prepyadstviya still ahead. "
Youth favorite Paul Seviarynets said that 2007 will be remembered with criminal cases against the Young:
"Also, resistance guys, many of whom do not and 18 years old. This case Fedoruk and Korban, five case, the tribunal in Minsk case soligortsev, Ivan Shyla, Anastasia Azarko Jaroslav Hryshchenya from Baranovichi. Gomel Then the Young case, Catherine Solovevoj Polotsk and of course, the courts against Dmitry Dashkevich and Artur Finkevich last cuprats.

All year regime tried to stop the Young suspend Belarusian youth movement Belarusian deprive future. But in spite of this repression of the Young substantiated that the new generation reveals new properties of the Belarusian movement — faith, strength, nyazlomnasts. It makes no compromises on any transaction, it is not kuplyaetststsa, it does not break. And in this I see a great prospect for the democratic opposition to the public movement in Belarus. "

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