22 political prisoners — at liberty

Recall that at the same day more than 2-thousand people gathered at October Square to protest against the government’s policies with respect to small business in Belarus. After the action commandos arrested about 3 x 10-s participants. 23 of them were punished by arrest for a term of 15 to 20 days.

Everything was made in order to prevent the ability of a large delegation of journalists and our friends meet us
Relatives, friends and colleagues of the arrested protesters gathered solemnly January 10 prisoners meet in the evening. According to the rules on the street bullpen Akrestsin administration should release the prisoners just in time indicated in the court order. Democratic activists are accustomed to, that the administration bullpen during mass arrests of people let go for 1-2 hours before the designated deadline. But This time opposition has released a few hours earlier.
Alexander Barazenka was in jail at the second time. The first time he was arrested last year for his role in student protests against the cancellation of privileges. Alexander was then freshmen at the faculty of international relations BSU. Now he programmke Kalinowski study at Wroclaw Institute in Poland.
Alexander Barazenka said after his release:
"We were expecting a 5-pm. But the detention officers came and pronounced, so for 10 minutes, we packed up and went to the exit. They were that must be so, that they do the order, and no more argument. We understand that all was manufactured in order to prevent the ability of a large delegation of journalists and our friends meet us. "

Anatoly Lebedko said that he, like the other arrested protesters, investigators questioned the city department of internal affairs. UCP favorite questioned Managing Investigative Division Colonel Mikhalchik. Investigators interested in the events of January 10. Anatoly Lebedko knows that the opposition began a campaign for the fact that with regard to the criterion of content in the bullpen in Akrestsin complied with the rules of law.

Rules adopted by the Interior Ministry, are not complied with in respect of the people in the clink on Akrestin
"There are rules adopted by the Ministry of Interior, which are not produced in relation to people who are in the bullpen in Akrestsin. There’s no telephone, and he should be there, and everyone who is there, could use it to communicate with friends and relatives. Products will not be eligible for access to untainted air. The camera no nightstands, bed linen. And it all must. We have already prepared a draft appeal to the prosecutor. And will refer to Naumov, because it is very intense behaves on the streets, and coupled with the fact does the fact that it is taken inside the ministry in relation to people. "
Favourite association "Perspective" said Anatoly Shumchanka "Freedom":
"I questioned the investigator in the criminal case, which initiated on the event on January 10. I questioned as a witness. I can read that in those events when the street was blocked, I have no work. I always stood near Government House and sees, there I could not have happened. "

Relatives and associates arrested believe that the authorities have begun to produce specially activists earlier that there were no mass meetings and festive meetings. Freedom and democratic activists came Artem Dubskiy Arsene Pakhomov, Misha Pashkevich, Andrei Rodionov, Alexander Stepanenko Sergey Klyuyev, businessman Vladimir Shiloh and others — a total of 20 second Among those who tried January 11, remained behind bars only Tatiana Tsishkevich. She was arrested for 20 days. Tags: concluded, entrepreneurs, exemption

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