37% of the unemployed in Belarus — youth

"Young people have exaggerated claims: need a lot of"
Harder to find a job young people, who do not have a degree — for example, high school graduates. True, they have a chance to address the employment service and get free (and even with scholarships) specialty workers, the dates on the labor market. But some of the high school graduates who do not lucky enough great ambitions, says an employee of the Minsk city center of employment:
"Our young people in general, such exaggerated claims: we need a lot, but they are no enthusiasm for the employer does not represent. If it’s minor — is a shorter working day, benefits. Employers are not interested in them. Because there is prepyadstviya. We focus on young people getting jobs that guarantee employment. At the moment, we demand to builders, machine operators, sales staff. "
In the regions in general prospects for the young people do not

If in Minsk is still possible to normal working, get a courier or a trader in the market, in the regions virtually no prospects, says the unemployed, the last farmer in Wareh Misha Gil:
"For example, we have factory electronics — previously about 2 thousand people, there are about 300 left — such reductions. Dimensions no orders, work week, week no. Now cannery on the bottom went flax plant also works poorly. Youth leaves the capital, near Lithuania — Lithuania on building began to leave. In Russia went to work a lot more at the moment under the Minsk began to go shabashniki, many youth among them. Are trading, who remain near the border. "
BRYU not help

Made on the country’s initiatives Belarusian Republican Youth Alliance has no special programs on youth employment. Says Head of the ideological work of the Central Committee Ivan BRYU Sinichkin:
"The Central Committee is more concerned with seasonal employment or extracurricular work of young people who are trained and in his spare time can work."
Reporter "But certain programs on employment you do not?"
"Specific programm — student teams. What for you are not certain programm? "
Yes, but the construction crew — it’s part time students during the summer holidays, and who will help school leavers, young spice?
"Rescue of drowning — the handiwork of drowning"
Inna Dyachyk last year graduated from Belarusian Municipal Pedagogical Institute, "philologist Belarusian and Polish language." Studied fine, but on a paid department, because under the indispensable rassredotachivanie not horrible. Found work itself:
"My experience indicates that only himself can count. When I found myself a job, was very hard to find. After not found a job in the specialty Secretary. Currently working at the Center for kids and young Methodists. That is not my specialty. "
Reporter: "And in Minsk as a teacher to get hard?"
"I would have said that is unrealistic. Since schools have greatly reduced hours, lacking even the same teacher."
Aleksey Lukashevich long time could not find a job in his native Ashmyany. The young man knows his story.
"I graduated from Polotsk in Belarus Municipal Institute, then studied in Poland. By profession I — lawyer. By my views, all in the hands of the man himself. Government can assist a person only razmerkavatstsa, and even then, not where he would like to get. A everything else in the hands of the young people need hope only himself. I work for "free-Lancer" here and there is not their specialty. Expect assistance from the country do not have, you’ll never get anything. "

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