A few hours later the Supreme Council to choose?

"Bolshevik Polessye" in 1937, writes about the elections: "Night pulled a year. Can not sleep. How can you sleep when few hours will be selected in The Supreme Council? Lie, and one idea in mind — rather, to await these cheerful hours. No, you can not sleep. In the sky is not yet extinguished star, and you’re already getting up. To go out. There’s already a lot of people. From all parts of people go to the polling station. And there, at the top of a large five-pointed star is burning. "
"Lim" year 1957. BSU student of journalism Sachenko Boris says: "To our whiteRussian language entered into the daily life of all segments of the population, I think that the first step towards this must introduction of teaching in all educational establishments in the Belarusian language. Naturally, the study of the Russian language, we should be given the most severe and continue to note because it is the language of communication between all nationalities in our country … But w- Byelorussian should not depart on the second plan. "
"History says, impressively, that never before had won the light darkness — says Zaire Azgur on pages"Reddish configuration"In 1967. — Never tell anyone managed to extinguish the flames of human genius. And if at the moment we litsezreem Greek people as a Prometheus chained to a mountain, then tomorrow we’ll see him as lisipavskaga Apaksiamena that cleans your body after a fight. .. We believe that over Akrapolem rise up the banner of freedom, in which alone can live art. "

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