A.Klinav: I am afraid that Nyamiha Sun City and trampled

"City of Happiness perish but remained beautiful and what is not like the aesthetic design — Solar City of Dreams" — writes in his own work Arthur wedge.
According to the philosopher Ales Antipenko, Speaking during the presentation, the book Arthur Wedge — it’s goodbye with the "State of happiness’, which lives or not the majority of the population.
"Country of Happiness" still exists in the minds of even a significant number of Belarusians and our real-time. From this it is slightly disappointing, but cheers that this "Land of Happiness" reserves more and more people. And Arthur Klinov writes in his book that he had previously own peers leave this "Land of Happiness" From my own dad who openly perceived Russian lifestyle. This is exactly the first in Belarusian literature book, which is an attempt to settle with the communist past. This book is an attempt thereof farewell to "The State of Happiness", with the evil empire. "
Arthur Klinov said that the town does literature. A Minsk grew at a pace that the literature did not have time for him. Creator read a few passages from the book, and then answered questions from readers. Either Minsk beautiful city views on Wedge?
"For me it is perfect decadent own beauty."
The question whether it makes sense to make the country particularly facade "Sun City", not better find something eternal, Belarusian, sire Klinov replied
"This is a gift of utopia, which appeared in this place in Minsk. But this gift is not associated with the beloved little heart tradition majestically Duchy of Lithuania. Question is, how do we adapt, as it needs to be adapted to the state context. This has the problem. In I own the book, in a sense made the attempt to adapt. "
About the current development plans of Minsk, namely the construction of on-site hotel "Belarus" the business center and the construction of several new hotels, Arthur Klinov said that they cause a nightmare and pessimism. And it can lead to what might be lost "Sun City" — a unique monument of architecture.
"This is our Venice is our pyramid. And I offer this unique preserve. As for an old Minsk, then you need to demolish these 1970s buildings and restore Nemiga. We could have a situation, if we had a Sun City, and old Minsk. Especially since, they are inseparable. They make a very unusual and good design. With one side, Nyamiha which translates as insomnia, as that is not spits.Z On the other hand, City of the Sun. Nyamiha as the city night and Sun City — a day or city. City and town sleep insomnia Nyamiha. Because Nemiga need to revive and preserve the City of the Sun. But I’m afraid that Nemiga trample quite, and Sun City trampled. "Tags: city, presentation, wedges, sun, Nyamiha

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