A.Milinkevich: The free world will win

Questions Radio Liberty meets the last candidate Presidents of Belarus, favorite movement "For Freedom" movement Alyaksandr Milinkevich:
"Forecasts — nepriznatelnoe this case. Need a lot of work, and then forecasts are realized. For your own family This year I wish that was happiness, prosperity, love to save. And for the country — first freedom. Really believe in what comes spilling Belarus people will be smarter, more responsible, Belarus will the European method. So makarom, My prediction — a free Belarus is independent, and I believe that it will come soon. And in what year? Hard to say. Either in 2008 or in 2009? I am convinced that soon.
As for events in the world: the world is restless, to the chagrin of stability. I would have wished that the world was more democracy and freedom. Particularly where it is, people live perfectly. And my prediction is such that still remains a struggle between different currents of the device. Authoritarian trend in the world, not only in Belarus remains. But I believe that the free, democratic world as an example of development will still win. "

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