A number of Belarusian banks finished issuing cash loans

In the main this has affected loans in U.S. dollars. In Belarusian rubles now you can get a loan, but they give no hunting, very overpriced rate.
"Priorbank" (daughter of the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank) announced a very interesting campaign. Bank before January 1, 2009 abolished fees for early repayment (partial and full) on all major types of loans, including consumer, vehicle purchase and construction of dwellings. In practice, the FSA says, "Priorbank" appealed to their borrowers with a request to prepay its commitments for the replenishment of their own liquidity.
Meanwhile, National Bank of Belarus establishes a measured situation in the domestic banking and financial markets, also stresses sufficient liquidity Belarusian banks, despite a cash crisis in Russia and Europe.
"Banks do not have significant problems with liquidity," — told Interfax yesterday managing head of the Banking Supervision National Bank Sergei Dubkov.
"Cash position of Belarusian banks retained sufficient. Thus it comes as state-owned banks and banks made to the role of foreign capital" — allocated S.Dubkov.

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