A third Mi-38 is ready to join the flight test

Holding "Helicopters of Russia" has completed the assembly of an experienced third prototype of Mi-38 (OP-3), in the near future, this helicopter will be handed over to them design bureau. ML Mile for flight tests, told the CEO of the holding Dmitry Petrov. 

"The third prototype of the Mi-38 is equipped with the new Russian TV7-117V development of" Klimov ". This engine is a little longer than expected, under bench testing, and it is a bit constraining the testing program of the helicopter. However, until the end of May "Klimov" plans to transfer two experienced engine for helicopters Mi-38, which will start the race ground Mi-38 (OP-3) in June-July 2013 ", — said D.Petrov.

According to him, at the Kazan Helicopter Plant began preparations for the assembly of the fourth flight of the prototype of Mi-38. According to the plans of the plant, the fuselage for this sample should be made in the first half of 2013

D.Petrov reported that the helicopter type design OP-4 is different from the prototype OP-3 shock-resistant fuel system Aerazur firm and enlarged openings of windows. In addition to flying prototype in 2013 as part of development work on the Mi-38 is planned to produce the fuselage and sets of individual units to conduct fatigue tests, as well as some of the components and assemblies for the test bench.

"The fourth prototype of the Mi-38 will be the last proficient manner during the test which is expected to get the final data required for commencement of commercial operation of the helicopter. Serial production of the Mi-38 in Kazan is scheduled for 2015, "- said D.Petrov

He recalled that it was initially planned that the Mi-38 will be offered to customers with two types of engines: Russian TV7-117V development of "Klimov" and PW127TS of Pratt &Whitney. "Unfortunately, until the required authorization of the U.S. Department of State to supply a series PW127 turboshaft engines in Russia. Today, we continue to work with international partners to obtain such permission, "- said D.Petrov.

According to him, the interest of the helicopter Mi-38 is already showing Russian aviation security agencies. "With the completion of flight tests of the Mi-38, we expect strong demand for the helicopter and from commercial airlines," — he said.

Multi-purpose helicopter Mi-38 can be used for the transport of goods and passengers, including VIP, used as a search and rescue helicopter and a flying hospital to fly over water. Thanks to the technical solutions used Mi-38 helicopters are superior to other class-duty passenger and basic flight characteristics.

Full-scale model of a new multi-purpose helicopter Mi-38 is shown on the opened Thursday in Moscow International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia-2013.
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