A.Yaroshuk: Desired bureaucrat like Tityankova and Zhuravkova

Commented recruitment purpose chairman of the Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yarashuk. Cà management style Nicholas Damashkevich he knew from previous work in the Minsk region.
"It is completely obvious that Nikolai Domashkevich will at some point need. Understood why. This is perhaps one of those officials, who spent more constructive line today head of state. In particular, as for frames. Well, just trampled the land remained in the Minsk region, after the last eight years, with something of his reign.
Can recall and Mrs. Galina Zhuravkova also Ivan Titenkov. Perhaps it’s time for this kind of person. And, sure, it was hard to appoint other than Nikolai Domashkevich. "

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