Abandoned and attractive manor Oginski

Manor creator famous Polonaise, Michal Oginski Cleophas
In the village next to Zalesye Smargonnyu like many valuable monuments of the history of Belarus, hitherto not restored. People visiting the mansion, meet dilapidated buildings.

Ask: why such palace started?Sovereign Arkady
"Well, how to you explain it better? Apparently still no decent owner."
My interlocutor knows about race Oginski, says that he loves to listen to music Misha Cleophas.Sovereign Arkady

Memorial stone set Oginski after rebels Kosciuszko labeled "CIENIOM KOSCIUSZKI". On balances of the British fleet go with an employee of a local museum. Sergei Veremejchik
Last Ming painter, restorer, which at one point left the capital and came here. He created books about Misha Oginski and his "Northern Athens" in Zalesye.

Sergei Vermaychyk about an old windmillVeremejchik
"Sketch made Leonard will. Oginskij when left for Italy, and took it, for sure, there treated their" Northern Athens "that once made with their own hands."

And A MinorVeremejchik
"You see, we have this couple, they are referred to as A and Minor. Lyaminorchyki appear later and later of these kids and someone finds a couple arrives here again."

… And from the midst of
Sovereign Veremejchik curious knows how tried to put here the opera with local schoolchildren, and later took her show to Italy and Lithuania.
And I have again the same question: why so much time palace stands neadrestavravany?Veremejchik

Arbour Hamel
Veremejchik Emperor knows that for almost a year tourists come here. Only during the summer he spent about two thousand people. Many come with their guides, others generally play themselves.
And that is very noticeable, and there are often "VIP-persons."Veremejchik
"Not so long ago came to the French, the Chinese. Incidentally, the Chinese here I beheld for the first time. They are very interested. Also came from Warsaw, from Lithuania. Was sire we Churov, head of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation, as salting of in Belarus."Correspondent
"How do you feel when you show people’s palace itself such a famous person?"Veremejchik
"As they say: pity and sorrow. But my task when I drive excursions, so that people do not notice it, but more could imagine what was here."

Goodbye sovereign Veremejchik I play the flute in the former greenhouse. I stood among the audience and tried to imagine how it was here 200 years ago, when Oginskiai guests gathered. Tags:, monuments, heritage, Oginski

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