Academician Wojtowicz: NPP needs Belarus

Tsigankov: "What is your attitude to the idea to build a nuclear power plant in Belarus? Several thought it appropriate at this time — in this time and in this place? "
Wojtowicz: "Nuclear power — is one such energy industries, which uses the world’s population at the moment and will be used in the future. In France, for example, 80 percent of all energy produced by nuclear power plants. No no accidents, no harm to human health is not fixed . As you know, the average life expectancy in France is 12 years higher than in Belarus. There is no special reason read on, NPP that carries a negative impact on human health.
NPP — is the highest technology. I would not wish that Belarus had some reserves, which do not develop the highest technology only happened once since the Chernobyl tragedy. It so happened that the station staff broke all the rules of work on this project. "

Tsigankov: "How do you perceive the arguments of those who oppose nuclear power? Or coming at the moment time to build the station?"
Wojtowicz: "They act more on a feeling level, I think. Concerning the time -" now "or" tomorrow "- I think which can be right now. What are the requirements? That has complied with all safety rules and so were perfectly made economic calculations.
In 1998-99, when I was President of the Academy, the Academy was created by a special committee, which was considering the construction of nuclear power plants. And there has already been confirmed that Belarus economically profitable to build nuclear power plants. But the decision was this: so far, because of the state of the Belarusian economy, do not need. You have to wait about 7 years. 7 years have passed, and here again the question arose.
Hydrocarbon energy carriers will become more expensive and more expensive. Thus, expensive and fuel for nuclear power plants. But the peculiarity of nuclear energy is that the fuel in nuclear power takes much the smallest share in the cost of fuel in energy than gas or oil. "

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