Act disk imaging will not touch the media and the web

By As the last, number of articles was reduced from 58 to 44. Experts said very principled that the activities of this law will not apply to the media, it is spelled out in paragraph 3 of Article 2 of the Act: "The Act does not apply to public affairs connected with the activities of the media and protection of disk imaging as an object of intellectual affiliation."
Minister of Communications and Informatization of Belarus Nikolai Pantelei twice stressed that acts of this law does not apply and on the Web. The text of the bill the word "Web" is really missing, but used "information network". Some experts believe that this concept will also include Web. As the chairman of the relevant committee Anatoly Pavlovich, the law in the 2nd reading of the impactcan be adopted at the vernal session.

Tags: Web, Pantelei information law

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