Action businessmen turned into political

Now at noon on October Square Minsk gathered hundreds of businessmen. They came to express their attitude to the authorities’ policy with respect to small business in Belarus.
According to estimates protesters, police officers and observers in a rally and march was attended by just over 2-thousand people. Preventive police detained several activists of the movement of entrepreneurs. Commandos in civil observed during the campaign for the favorites political parties.
Favorite "Perspectives" Anatolia Shumchanka and several businessmen have delegated the administration to negotiate Alexander Lukashenko. Meanwhile a rally in the square, in which participated not only businessmen, and politicians. Anatoly Lebedko said:

"If you continue your struggle, then tomorrow will you find hundreds of thousands of fans in the midst of ordinary people who have now come to the markets in Zhdanovichy, Borisov, Soligorsk and beheld the empty shelves. A month later they will feel it. Not so long ago you showed tremendous courage. In first time since 1996, several thousands of people came to Independence Square. And it was your first small victory. "
Alexander Milinkevich said:
"Some believe that if hundreds of thousands of businessmen, the same amount of their must on the street. In any country was not so. Always leave the boldest. The bravest. And they are a minority. But this has a huge moral menshasts an advantage. Because I am grateful to those who have here, and I think it’s a definite victory. People understand that without political configurations in the country will not be economic and configurations. "
Entrepreneurs do not expect to become delegates to the area and decided to go to the administration building of Alexander Lukashenko. They occupied the roadway Independence Avenue, blocking traffic. Several employees of traffic police to persuade people to leave, but when car drivers began beeping in a symbol of solidarity with the businessmen, it gave the last determination. Weight began to increase, and for a few minutes at one hundred percent blocked traffic.
Then the demonstrators released two bands, so as not to interfere with spetstranspartu. Engels on the street and riot police blocked the street people started toward the avenue.
As a result, people went column carriageway towards Independence Square, occupying the entire right side of the avenue. They chanted: "Work," "Freedom," "Long live Belarus!"
On Independence Square demonstrators znov blocked traffic for a few minutes.

Demonstrators delegated protesters for talks in Government House. There was the monument to Lenin chain commandos, but entrepreneurs from the area are gone.
In the meantime, departments are preventively detained activists Oleg Shabetnik entrepreneurial movement in Rechitza and Ales Makaeu in Minsk, as Alexander and Vladimir Tsatsura Shiloh Soligorsk.

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