Activist summoned to the police on January 21

The police as an activist cause witness to testify in a criminal case for clarification.
Agenda signed by the head of law enforcement and prevention of major Padarenki activist got now.
Tatyana Bulanov connects the call to the police with a planned protest on January 21 businessmen in Mogilev and Minsk.
Also, now a policeman personally brought a summons to the police on January 21 independent journalist Olesya Pylypovychi Mogilev. Burakou was not at home, and the policeman wanted to give her mother a journalist. She said that the offspring in Poland, and the policeman did not leave the agenda.
January 10 Alexander Burakou businessmen in the delegation participated in the negotiations with the head of the department of business Mogilev Regional Executive Committee Victor Krasowski. The office Krasowski all businessmen, including and journalist, was forced to register.

Ales Burakou in a telephone conversation did not rule out that other negotiators also called to the police on January 21.

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