After complaints to Minsk and Moscow ladies write to Geneva

Newspaper "Bobruisk courier" continues to look for the history of the struggle for justice court 34 ex Belarusian ladies who can not get an appointment with Alexander Lukashenko. Among these ladies have 10 residents and Bobruisk. They also believe that their relatives were illegally sentenced and reach retrial. The newspaper mentioned that the lady sent a telegram to Vladimir Putin to act on their own Belarusian employee, and the response of Presidential Administration RF offended not satisfied. What’s Next?
Journalist Victor knows Kachan:
"They currently rely on the Company of the United Nations, there will be direct to Geneva Appeal, presently collected documents. And in our power, as I understand it, they were disappointed."
Newspaper "Courier from Vitebsk" turned to statistics.
"Our correspondent analyzed the municipal budget for the current year. Where and how much money will go? Turned out that people in last place. A display in the Army to receive funds, the KGB and other security agencies," — says the editor, "Courier from Vitebsk." Vladimir Bazan .
Why professional people leave sat Belarus? Newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" endeared interview with a famous master woodcarver Ilinchik Dmitry, who said that does not feel at home demand. Communicate with the master journalist Koktysh:
"Here he was kicked out from everywhere. In including vernisazhu from Minsk, where he fought for the rights of artists and tried to fight bureaucratic arbitrariness. He goes to St. Petersburg, where he has already received recognition. There’s only looked at his work and immediately invited to join the Alliance of Russian painters. His works very good acquire businessmen from Germany, Britain, Lithuania. Well, in Belarus … "

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