Airbase in Turkey kept 70 American nuclear bombs

Airbase in Turkey kept 70 American nuclear bombs
In Turkey, there are about 70 nuclear bombs B-61 / shaped as letters Latin / posted on the Turkish-American Incirlik airbase in southern province of Adana. As reported by the agency «Haberturk» despite the actual presence of these weapons, the ability to use them is limited.
Bombs, at least, most of them are owned by the U.S. Army, and Washington reserves the right to use them as intended when needed. Prior to 1995, as reported by the source, 10-20 B-61 were still on the 2-Air Force bases, Akinci and Balikesir, but to the true time they moved to Incirlik.
The presence of nuclear weapons in Turkey clarifies U.S. interests in the event of an emergency in the region. In the event of severe conflict South American military could carry bombs closer to the center of events. Meanwhile, notes «Haberturk», the main question is a means of delivering these weapons. Turkey, despite numerous requests assertive U.S. deployment at a base in Incirlik own aircraft, capable of carrying nuclear bombs, the South American government denies this.
In the republic itself, According to experts, this has the ability to carry a nuclear warhead, for example, on the F-16 aircraft. But these machines are not officially provided for the transportation of any of these types of ammunition, nor to implement a similar mission as a whole. In other words, delivery of the atomic bomb in the Turkish fighter associated with a permit to hold such a «special mission» that generates a number and formal and political problems.
B-61 is the main instrument of U.S. strategic nuclear forces. Her body is able to withstand supersonic speeds. B-61 has a length of 3.58 meters and a width of about 33 cm Weight bombs on average is about 320 kg, but varies depending on the modification.

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