Aleh Korban judged 20 minutes

All day journalists were waiting for Oleg Korban brought to Metropolitan Tribunal. I recall activist detained at midday on Saturday, January 19. Journalists did not rule out that the process will take, taking into account the time police rally businessmen. But at the end of a day or Tribunal over Oleg Korban place — enough for 20 minutes. Activist was sentenced to 10 days of administrative arrest for "foul language in a public place."
This place — the entrance to the jail in Akrestsin. Oleg Korban came to clink January 19 to convey products to friends who were arrested recently. Suddenly the police came and Martinovic Barinov and detained student Korban. Why student Oleg Korban begun swearing in a public place, in the court he had not talked to him. Olga Gusakova referee saw: "Keep your friends have nobody forbids. Yet for all this do not need to break the law."

Now we litsezreem as ilzhesvedki write false reports, judges give advance unjust verdict …

At the trial referee Gusakova forbade photos and even audio. "In prison it is very cold" — managed to convey Aleh Korban, which guards after the verdict is not allowed to talk to journalists.
According to human rights activist Yuri Chausova, "foul language" and "waving his arms and harassing passers-by" — remain the main disorders that are prevalent in the minutes of detention of opposition activists recently mass protests.
"This is not funny. All the worst and starts. Now we litsezreem as ilzhesvedki write false reports, judges give advance illegal sentence and condemn people to enter. Prosecutors And it covers everything. And if it’s happening now in administrative cases, no guarantee that the same thing does not happen in criminal casesah, "- says human rights activist Yuri Chausov.

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