Ales Bialiatski: second half of the year will be nervous

On New Year’s issue Radio Liberty responsible recognizable human rights activist Ales Bialiatski.
"In his personal life events do not expect huge, because life is pretty accurate. Although our situation you never know what will happen to you tomorrow, especially if you’re doing a public or political activities …
As for Belarus, year will be difficult. First half, I think, will still fairly measured. So it seems. Although it is still unclear how will cancellation of privileges. But the second half of the year would probably be nervous, much more dramatic.
This is due to parliamentary elections, also with the overall situation in the economy. I think it will not improve. All shows that the financial system, which made the emperor Lukashenko with his own team, will have more problems.
And since we have a very political activity is dependent on the economic situation, the appropriate political will and action. But the cardinal configurations I do not foresee. "

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