Alexander Lukashenko as ruler of Hirohito

The current decision of the EU to stay for six months visa restrictions for Belarusian government officials, including to Alexander Lukashenko, at first glance is not enough logic. Now sanctions are removed from those as to whom they were introduced after the 2004 referendum, introduced falsification of voting results and neglect of democratic norms. Last election campaign can hardly be considered successful work on the bugs, and the triumph of democracy. The fact is evidenced not only results — zero opposition in parliament, not only the indignation of the opposition, and the conclusion of the OSCE observers mismatch democratic election standards, and the most current decision of the European Union, according to which under sanctions remained chairman of the Central Lydia Yermoshina. If the practice of violations of democratic norms in the elections and remained in This year, why suffer for it has one Yarmoshina?
Suspension of sanctions as a rotation policy of the EU
Small answer — so, as the EU policy towards Belarus has changed in principle. According to the views of the European Union, large-scale sanctions shown to be ineffective to the same restriction on arrival in Europe on a purely technical level prevented dialogue with the Belarusian authorities. What about? Yes, a lot about nothing. For example about the latest geopolitical situation after nedavneshney war in the Caucasus and on the latest role in it of Belarus. Or privatization, participation in which is interested Europe, and Europe to participate in what interested the Belarusian authorities to balance the very languid grip Russian "brothers." The fact that the brand new policy is an attempt to normalize relations differently affect the Belarusian authorities, and not continuous condoning it shows a list of persons against whom sanctions still preserved: it is the name which the CEC Chairman, and four municipal bureaucrats, three of whom are former, who are suspected of involvement in the kidnapping of political opponents of the regime. Is he the head of the country is not responsible for these acts of his subordinates? Bears, obviously. But the essence of the message of Europe Belarusian bureaucracy is that relatively higher political governance Belarus act accordingly higher political preconditions, but ordinary, and not even an ordinary bureaucrat will be responsible for their actions, even if these acts were the execution of orders the head of state.
Values or interests?

In this sense, the German ambassador shchyravanni Gerhart Weiss about what Lukashenko wished to hold elections democratic and artists ruined his zeal, does not look naive and justification of this latest strip. Here you can see a certain analogy with the decision of the Yankees after the victory over Japan in 1945 are not liable to lure former ruler of Hirohito. Sins and direct responsibility for the anger it was much, but made a political decision. And the performers, including the Executive imperial orders, "rolled" in full. But we need to think what orders do — Japanese performer and modern Belarusian way.
Many opposition politicians and guests numerous forums West sheepishly explain that this wicked and payment nekompitentny that Lukashenko just to fool the West, as Russia prick years. But the brand new European policy is based not so much with the expectation of a certain loyalty to the head of all this way, but with the expectation of his own interests. Interested himself on for yourself to recognize South Ossetia and Abkhazia, omitting their country to their level? Yes, not very much. Whether he is interested to balance the Russian capital in the Belarusian European privatization? Interested. There is ground for interaction. NOT ground of shared values, this really is not much, but the soil of common interests.
Echoes of War in the Caucasus
I should add, now and also the European Union lifted visa sanctions against Uzbekistan controls imposed after the massacre in Andijan in May 2005. The European Union then claimed international investigation, Tashkent refused, the result was sanctioned. In response, Uzbekistan became friendly with Moscow, the Company entered into a contract for collective security, removed from its territory South American military bases, which provide joint NATO operation in Afghanistan. No configurations in the internal politics in Tashkent this time not work. Relatively Uzbekistan, as in the case of Belarus, some whips still saved from Tashkent not lifted the embargo on the sale of guns, from Minsk — sanctions visa sanctions against five officials and monetary sanctions against the entire list of officials who present with a day or steel Entry in the EU. But the decisions taken with respect to the European Union and is now Belarus and Uzbekistan, according to the change of policy in the entire post-Soviet space. And it looks that still a major factor in this change was the change in the geopolitical situation in the entire region after the war in the Caucasus.
For Whom the Bell Tolls?
And Mrs. Yermoshina sorry heartily wished lady sit on the Parisian boulevards with Tomiki Hemingway. And so have to suffer, maybe not entirely for their own sins. And opposition sorry too. Her cafe "Flora" sit not problem, but now, as it turns out, will find political resources are not there, and in Belarusian towns and villages. And the opposition, and Mrs. Yarmoshina can now define for themselves the question — "Why?"
But he explained it all about this in time that the wisest Ham, writing that "age is not only the answers, and questions."

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