Alexei A. Tupolev — the genius of the Soviet sky

Alexei Tupolev was born May 20, 1925 in Moscow. His parents — Andrey and Yulia N. Tupolev. Have not graduated from high school, he was evacuated with his parents in Omsk. After graduating from high school in 1942, he entered the KB AN Tupolev designer. His first design work — the tail end of an wooden fuselage of the Tu-2, adopted in mass production in order to save scarce metal during the war.

In 1943 he returned to Moscow, he entered the Moscow Aviation Institute. S. Ordzhonikidze. Upon graduation comes in KB per team projects led by BM Kondorskii. It is involved in exploring the layout version of the aircraft, "88" (Tu-16) with two turbojet engines and offers its own version with the placement of engines at the side of the fuselage behind the wing spar and the second with Single main chassis. After discussion at the general layout of the design that was adopted by the technical team of SM projects Jager for further development.

In 1956, KB entrusted the creation of military unmanned vehicles to fly in a wide range of supersonic speeds. Andrei Tupolev, clearly realizing that the new line should start young, instructs the matter Alexei Andreyevich. This task required the use of a wide range of new industries and research institutions. Specifications for the layout design of these winged vehicles were significantly different from the tasks formerly handled KB (continuous heating, automatic control, a wide range of speeds, with the start of a new type of accelerator, etc.). This resulted AA Tupolev to believe that they should be engaged in the development of young but experienced and capable employees. This is how the department "K" for unmanned Technology Tupolev, who found under the guidance of A. Tupolev is a chief designer fresh new solutions for a number of types of unmanned vehicles.

 Alexei A. Tupolev

Ability to work with people Alexei Andreyevich allowed to recruit a wide range of research institutes and design bureaus of other industries. As part of this work, AA Tupolev, as head of the continuously growing. Inherent Tupolev and very successfully applied AA Tupolev sequence of solutions of all the problems led to the successful completion of the work with access to mass production and operation, as well as a fully rescued scout Tu-139 as the development of the Tu-123.

Found under the direction of A. Tupolev is a unique arrangement of small unmanned reconnaissance Tu-143 ("Flight") with a small midsection, a wide range of CG and prostate in operation allowed us to realize a series of devices of this type ("Swift", "Reis-D," Tu-300) with a range of tasks and with a wide range of flight data.

 One of the best long post-war jet bombers Tu-16

In the last years of his life, AN Tupolev, the share of creative decisions of his colleagues: SM Jaeger, DS Markov and AA Tupolev. Alexey was commissioned in the early 1960s. important task — designing the world's first supersonic passenger aircraft Tu-144. Gradually, with the inclusion of the work on the aircraft units of KB, Alexey as the chief designer of the project has become a recognized leader of the ATP Tu-144. Been resolved, together with TsAGI and other research institutes, a huge amount of new technical problems associated with the peculiarities of long supersonic flight.

Gradually, the natural change of generations. And finally, this is a natural process caused the appointment in 1973, AA Tupolev's chief designer after the death of A. Tupolev.

Simultaneously with the development of a production version of Tu-144 AA Tupolev actively engaged in improving the flight data of Tu-22M2 and Tu-22MZ, TU-95MS and the introduction into service of Tu-154B in the most difficult period of the completion of the development of this aircraft Aeroflot.

Serial supersonic passenger aircraft Tu-144

With amazing perseverance and consistency Alexei Andreyevich, now as general designer, had to defend the new solutions and demonstrate the need to use the Tu-144.

The introduction into service of ATP Tu-144 would require the civil aviation of the second technological revolution: the improvement of the existing runway, the ATC system, dispatching equipment, system maintenance and all delivery systems, and passenger service. However, BP Bugaev, an active supporter of the first technological revolution associated with the introduction of jet aircraft, becoming a minister, with the active assistance of his deputy JG Mamsurova, taking advantage of a disaster at Moscow and some caution AA Tupolev, did his best to not be put into operation the domestic SPS. The result has been stopped normal operation of Tu-144 and the entire program is the creation of ATP have been questioned.

Medium-haul passenger aircraft Tu-154B

During the life of Andrei Nikolaevich AA Tupolev took part in the competition of different KB impact on the development of advanced strategic aircraft. Work on a new strategic missile carrier, subject to having a powerful experimental and creativity, as well as the obvious successes of collective KB led AA Tupolev in the implementation of programs for the Tu-22M and Tu-144 Tupolev was assigned.

A huge number of companies and organizations aviation industry, related industries under the technical guidance of AA Tupolev worked on the implementation of the Tu-160. AA Tupolev was able to organize the whole team CB for a new aircraft, the descendant of a unique in its layout, design and technology solutions. Efforts KB and Alexei A. crowned with triumph. The country has received a great combat aircraft.

In the field of civil subsonic subjects were working almost continuously on the search for the most cost-effective and operational and suitable arrangements planes with new high-bypass jet engines. We used the latest subsonic aerodynamics, the qualitatively new flight control and navigation systems and control systems. Lessons learned and worked through constructive solutions form the basis of a significant improvement in the economy Tu-154 was established by its modification of the Tu-154. As a result, the joint head of TsAGI and design in AA Tupolev opportunity to implement ideas worked in the project of the Tu-204, which was to meet the requirements for use in the XXI.

Intercontinental strategic bomber aircraft Tu-95MS

Selection of parameters of the Tu-204, which allowed him to create a family of modifications designed to be the most massive, profitable and environmentally friendly civil aircraft of the country, is a major merit of AA Tupolev and the group he headed.

A built-AA Project Tupolev Tu-highly economical 334, significantly unified with the Tu-204, was almost parallel with the Tu-204 short-haul aircraft to occupy a niche.

Long-range multi-mode missile-bomber Tu-22M3

At the same time Alexei Tupolev did a lot of teaching and research at the Moscow Aviation Institute of Technology, was a professor and head of the department. He has been closely involved in the preparation of hundreds of top-notch aviation professionals who will develop the Russian air force in the new century.

He was elected a full member (academician) of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and has made a significant contribution to the work of the Institute of Automation of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. He was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor, he was awarded the Lenin and State Prize was awarded many higher orders of the USSR.

After a long illness Alexey died May 12, 2001

 AA Tupolev at the airport LII

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