Algirdas exhibition Vivat! Praise the Motherland

A few hours before the opening of the exhibition

The exhibition includes portraits of the majestic Prince Algirdas authorship Arlen Kashkurevich and Mikola Kupavy, "The Battle of Blue Waters," Misha Basalyha and images Belarusian cities historically associated with events in the blue waters. This exhibition concludes the great project of artistic association "Pursuit", dedicated to the 645th anniversary of the victory in the blue waters, said Nikolai Kupava.
"We have already had all the activities that are planned. This exhibition for children, and a scientific conference. A concert of Belarusian and Ukrainian musicians in the September days are. First session of this exhibition, we have also held in September at the cafe" Good idea. "And now this exhibition more significant, it has expanded into several creators, several works. And such makarom we close this topic. Only on this year, since we will be ahead of the 650th anniversary of the Battle of Blue Waters. "
By Mykola Kupavy exhibition casually revealed on Christmas Eve.

Works A.Kashkurevicha

"Fact, Algirdas that his army went feral steppes in August. Tipo occurred in September this battle. And for a long time they had to wage war. And specifically for Christmas, they returned to Vilnius with a resounding victory. And the fact that the exhibition is now revealed here, it is no coincidence. This too has its own character, its own sign. We such makarom Algirdas worship, his army, his exploits. And let it be said in the pre-Christmas night. "

"Victoria" S.Tsimohava

The exhibition presents works of 14 painters — Nicholas Kupavy, Deputy Chairman Painters Union of Belarus Sergei Timokhova, Misha Basalyha, Arlene and Ludmila Kashkurevich, Svetlana Barankovskoy Ivan Protasenya and other creators.

M.Kupava indicates its work — a portrait of Prince majestically Olgerda

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