Anatoly Lebedko restricted to leave

Case almost 4 year reversed started the Minsk City Prosecutor’s article about defaming the President of Belarus. The punishment for sin is — up to 5 years in prison. Innuendo investigators suspected statements which Anatoly Lebedko made in the program Nikolai Svanidze "Mirror" on RTR. The program aired in March 2004. Politics half summoned for questioning, and later ended investigative acts. Anatoly Lebedko recalls that he asked the fate of the case investigators.
"And I was then told that the case is not closed. And why she was stopped, and not closed or transferred to the Tribunal? They uttered that this povinet Russian side. It does not own obligations that to legal aid."
Belarusian investigators asked Russian colleagues to take clarification this case Nikolai Svanidze, but those with the Tipo tightened. Anatoly Lebedko says that Nikolai Svanidze position known to him. Russian journalist was willing to come to Belarus to immediately give an explanation, but no one called.
Know is or not, at the very Nikolai Svanidze failed. Now RF output day, and telephone number of the journalist did not answer. "It’s funny that in the four years they were not able to communicate with Svanidze," — commented Anatoly Lebedko investigators act. Prerequisites he sees in politics.
"If me there were some legal claims, I would not get over this period three passports with a special stamp to travel abroad. It appeared at this point, after my trip to the U.S.. "
"Povinet new order"
Managing the press service of the Ministry of Interior Oleg Slepchenko does not see the political circumstances that Anatoly Lebedko hit the travel ban list. By him, from January 1, began operating a new order, and now people who are on the Criminal Affairsam as suspicious, automatically become Travel Abroad. Previously, it was regulated investigators, taking on his own recognizance.
"Here’s another category — suspects in a criminal case until after the criminal case, in other words, the prosecution. So it is registered in the state," — says Oleg Slepchenko.
Will Anatoly Lebedko appeal the Department of Citizenship and movement? Politician draws attention the fact that the law does not give him such power. "As long as my task — to bring this story to the highest attention as well and can suffer other citizens", — said Anatoly Lebedko.

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