And in the capital, and in Grodno sleep dressed?

In Vitebsk region in homes already warm. Grodno authorities meet standard: connect, 5 days in a row when the average daily temperature will not exceed eight degrees.
Exceptionally, if cooling is sharp, then on the basis of such a decision can hydrometeorological be taken faster, but it will be taken in Minsk — explain power.
On the door of the first hospitals in the Grodno street Lermontov announcement: "Pochetaemye patients in the hospital being vaccinated against influenza for persons who have acquired the disease." And what think unhealthy, who had at this point to visit the hospital: you previously include heating in homes where as before cold and whether it is connected from early autumn colds today? "
Old man: "does not come close, I’m a little unhealthy. I think that yes, more sick in my life through it. If it is cold, the kids was ill, well, old, we, too."
Old lady: "A small, but after the hospital where children are removed? I generally outraged."
Reporter: "Who in your family has fallen ill now?"
Old lady: "The daughter fell ill, caught a cold."
Old man: "I have a corner room and even in the winter of 14-15 degrees, and many did not address, nothing …"
Old lady: "They say it all depends on Lukashenko: if you include. They say that our chairman of the executive says that this is all from Minsk."
Old man: "In the spring for some reason when it is not necessary to heat, so it would be better in the fall included previously."
Old lady: "I sleep in socks dressed puts a headscarf, since I can not, I have acquired bronchitis. We even wash bath NOT Lazimov as cold."
Another lady: "And I have a personal house, I hooked up my heating and me perfectly."
Man: "The world has two heating systems: centralized and decentralized. Russian Alliance, when he was building a military power, militaristic, he defected to the centralized, but it has shortcomings. According to the true time when the houses even in a centralized system entered western electronics, boilers, such as "buderas" then to supply heat during the year, people would regulate themselves: they took disabled who need warmer — included myself. "
Reporter: "And what is to This time not connected — inside of October as it interpreted? "
Man: "It nepavarotlivasts state system …"
Grodno city officials said that This year begin to build apartment buildings, in which will be a stand-alone heat metering in each apartment at any time of, well — the ability to individually adjust the temperature in the rooms.
Not so long ago a group of journalists and Grodno muzeynikav visited Warsaw trip organized RP General representation in Grodno. Grodno very amazed that even then — 19-21 September in Warsaw apartments was warm.

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