Andrei Kim will protect the public

Activist of the unregistered organization "Initiative" Andrei Kim was detained on January 21 during the crackdown businessmen. Initially, he was sentenced to confinement for his role in an unsanctioned rally, and later taken to the prosecutor’s office for questioning, where charged in a criminal case on Article 364 (threat or act violently against a policeman). Thence transferred to Man remand.
Mom Andrew Tatyana Kim said "Freedom":
"He that believeth and measured. His very hard ruffle. If something is out there, it means that it was not easy. My offspring is not the offender — it is exactly. I believe that he suffered for plainclothes position. When I tried to dissuade him, he read, it must people to help. Was that to serve God — it means to serve the people. "
During the press conference, a member of an unregistered organization "Initiative" Alex Cooper said:
"I do not know. What — handy freshest blood, new hostages for bargaining with the civilized world? Main at the moment — this release of Andrei confrontation and repression in Belarus. Entrepreneurs also our friends. Andrei grabbed at rally in support of small business. This case each of us. "
Seviarynets politician Paul added:
"Begins criminal case for entrepreneurial action. Arrested more than fifty people in the end protests. Excited criminal case against Andrei Kim. Gets Three years Alexander Sdvizhkou. We we see, that the repression carried out in a couple of of so-called "Warming" is already superior to those of repression that took place in time "frost." This brand new strategy in the government with Europe are exported release for domestic consumption continues campaign of terror, psychological pressure and intimidation. "
On days when the camera number will be known to what kept Andrei Kim, young people begin to send signed letters of support.

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