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Chronicle of the court hearing
This time he will serve in the colony. Referee Natalia Krashkina recognized Artur Finkevich guilty of violating the criminal code "evading punishment." According to the verdict, punishment is considered the beginning of October 26.
"Shame, shame, shame …" — So reacted to the verdict associates Artur Finkevich who foundsmiling in the courtroom.
Municipal prosecutor Tseplakova referee Krashkina surprise more Minutka stood in confusion, and later went rapidly out of the courtroom.

I, like all of us, I think this tribunal is very tough. For what? ..

Many women wept.
The trial lasted a whole day. Support Artur Finkevich came more than fifty people. Among them — U.S. Embassy representative Luis Krishak, Belarusian politicians and public figures Alexander Milinkevich, Inna Cooley, Paul Seviarynets, Siuchyk father Dmitry Dashkevich Vyacheslav.
Oh, so commented sentence political prisoner Artur Finkevich father Dmitry Dashkevich Vyacheslav:
"I, like all of us, I think this tribunal is very tough. For what? .."
During the debate, the municipal prosecutor claimed sentence Artur Finkevich With 2 years and fifteen days of bullpen. Arthur himself requested the Tribunal to consider a partial recognition of the self-blame and punish him to six months imprisonment.
Referee preparing sentence longer than one hour.
Continued until Tribunal over Artur Finkevich, his associates that were not included in the courtroom, supported political prisoner shouts "Long live Belarus!" And "Freedom to Finkevich!"
Shouts of "Long live Belarus" associates conducted Arthur and into the car, where he was taken in Mogilev investigative jail number 4.

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