As speculated for Christmas?

According to the Belarusian folklore researcher Vladimir Vasilyevich, tarot Christmas fascinated not only women:
"Gad, and boys and girls. Maid, maybe more, and guys too. However, it is often quicker prevented virgins. Maiden, for example, will transfer over the fence of boots, and the guys on the fly to intercept it, and then have a girl from bribe him not to go after the whole winter season in the same boots. And, of course, the most popular divination was when obymali stakes in the fence, there are guys tasam participated. Walked along the fence, and the girls read: "count the rings, man, a widower" and on the brakes than the fence, so be it. And the guys were walking, saying: "No. viburnum, two-girl …"
Tarot books even at school
Now, when the rafts on all comers pogadat fewer, there were other means to ask fate. That’s what I said during the interview at the Academy in Minsk:
Woman: "We even wondered with teachers. We had a special book of divination, on the mirror, too."
Reporter: "And how to implement it?"
Woman: "Often those desires realized that actually thinks of a 12-hour New Year’s Eve. Understand that when you write down on paper the desire, paper and smoke until the clock beating, razmeshvaesh in champagne and drinks.’s This desire very many who have come true."
Reporter: "And you?"
Woman: "I have, by the way, make a wish Last year implemented. Maybe because really wanted? "
Divination, says Vladimir, Belarusian traditions, completely affected all areas of life:
"Divination were different: collection of divination, the weather, divination fate, or a longish or kutsee life will be … Here, for example, on Christmas Eve under the tablecloth padstsilali hay. And the one who will pull longish syaninku will collect good or a long life. And who little already something very badit meant. "
But before that love
But above all pragmatic themes dominated love divination.
"What is there just did, — Vladimir continues. — Braleythis and chickens and dogs. And shed walked stallion conclusion blindfolded. And in what direction he would take, not seeing the road in that direction, they say, and the girl will get married. "
Yule divination were very romantic part of our life Protz, knows Vladimir:
"No other part of the folklore of people aged not remember with such pleasure as divination. Until his face brightens grandmothers … can to forget anything, but the Christmas divination are remembered with pleasure and mentioned …"

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