At this point a small army, and all lacking in her place

Lady: "My offspring when he entered the university, was obliged to submit to the draft board a certificate that he had done, and then behind him."
Reporter: "And he wants to join the army?"
Lady: "No, he does not want. This silly thing, so says my son, I do not know, for all the young people do not answer. "
Reporter: "And you would wish that your offspring in the army?"
Spadaryyan: "No, I wanted to."
Reporter: "Why?"
Lady: "waste of time, life young, creative time, he can learn something do something. There are some men who wish to — let them go into the army. But it seems to me — is the loss of time. "
Young Man: "The contract need it to do, and is what it is now, the army is not needed. When taking young, they need to learn to wage war, but not to clean the area. Army is an army, and so it is pioneer camp and everything."
Reporter: "You do want to get to serve or not?"
Student: "While No, not ready, willing to learn. Some go into the army, so after service to get the job easier. Looking at where you will get, I have many friends — who as they say. There are places where the usual case, and there, where are bad. "
Second student: "I heard about the contest in the army, but do not think so in fact, perceive at least some."
His friend: "Who runs, walks, all take, no contest. Even there were occasions: I had some friends of the disease, came to the draft board, they wrote:" A healthy and fit "- and only commissions to identify diseases. Were such that the disease is only six months of service. "
Head of department call Grodno Alexander Venskovich combined military office from speaking sharply declined. We had to go to another officer. Is it true now, possible read in official publications, many people willing to serve, that is not all take, and need to pass the competition?
Man: "Everyone is unrealistic to serve: at the moment a small army, and all lacking in her place, that’s all. More serious control over health at the moment: if it does not own — go home, and before you no questions. But is that the service charge "the competition" — it’s faster just an expression, a literary device. "
However, as before are those who are hiding from the draft, but there currently are entered into the database, they become Travel Abroad, and there is even a criminal act, explained our source.

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