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"Russian Belarus" in 1928 he published an announcement: "Mr. Aronin Gy Eliya Tsodikav who comes from cit places. Halapenichy, Minsk neighborhood, and living in the city, bearing. 1906, changing the name and surname Aronin Eliya the surname and the name of Lucien Lilinski . Persons having protests against change name and the need to say this in Minsk registrar, stating your name and place of life. "

in 1938 endeared year report from the meeting in mourning Bolshennom Theater of the USSR: "18 hours 50 minutes. B this time fourteen years to reverse the death mountain eagle, created strong bolshevitskay party sticks inspirer and organizer of the October Revolution sotsyyalistychnay managing sovetskogo country VI Lenin … With no small animation of Governors meet assembled party and government, noisy applause and shouts of "Hurrah" in honor of the wisest continuer of Lenin’s — majestic leader, teacher and friend of the working people of Comrade Stalin. "
On pages "Lima" in 1958 , Dr. I.Lushchytski reveals Belarusian bourgeois nationalists "of all existing hating advanced Russian, Belarusian and as they tried in every way to falsify the ideological heritage Kalinowski, pointing to him as a fighter against Russia. They willingly shared with landlord-gentry Great Russian chauvinists absented Kalinouski requirement the development of Belarusian-Lithuanian-independent country in isolation from Russia. But none of the adherents of these inventions could not refer to the fact or other Kalinowski expression. "

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