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Decided without a referendum, without extensive discussion, though at times the solutions of this kind are accepted without a plebiscite in democracies: winning in a cheap energy is evident in the technical intricacies understand other spices, and the risk can not appreciate and they — the tragedy of Chernobyl was one type time stations weave. Jerk jerk or not — who knows a theoretical chance remains in any case.
But the pace of this meeting makes recollection that about a political solution as stated in prepyadstviya still have a lot of underwater, although it may not such at first glance, and important political, pebbles.
Decided that building a nuclear power plant. But on what project, Russian, French, Japanese — have not yet decided. It’s like about unification with Russia — a "political solution" is an ancient one, but thought "how?" Constantly appeared various objections and difficulties, so that in the end the project was postponed in longish box. And that to the best. And NPP can happen the same.
What are the these prepyadstviya — answer can be given, apparently, only spices. But on the surface — a figure announced by the Minister Nikolai Korbut money — four billion dollars. The amount is very large, all Belarus’ GDP 2007 — 44 billion dollars. Lukashenko now showed optimism, saying that, say, there is a turn, in order to give money for Belarus this case. In part, he is right — the same IAEA is interested in expanding nuclear power, but, as so often happens, when it comes down to it, the mountain of money that are ready to provide Belarus, would not such a big and the facilities necessary to take clear where — from the pocket of the Belarusians.
Can nuclear power plants and not a bad thing, but the kindness of its impact through a couple of years, and the costs have to do now. Obvious and political risk: inflation last year and the abolition of privileges of power-pop is not added, and public opinion regarding nuclear power plants, least, diverse.
So nowshnyaya statement "final political decision" may be intended to hide the fact that everyday decision is still pending.

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