Authorities dispersed share of entrepreneurs

Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov personally controlled acceleration demonstration on Independence Square, where the demonstrators came from October Square.
Detained protesters businessmen are in the Metropolitan Police and the Central district of Minsk. Several people were detained during the dispersal of the rally, still 3 — after, as the people dispersed.
Entrepreneurs have decided to pass Independence Avenue toward Independence Square. The demonstrators expressed their determination and demand meet with bureaucrats to decide in the end the question about the repeal of Decree number 760, which prohibits businessmen to hire non-relatives. Column of demonstrators comped "paddy" and the machine with sound reinforcement equipment.
When the column of demonstrators on the intersection of Independence Avenue and Lenin Street, left the roadway Avenue, traffic police officers formed a human chain and began to squeeze people on sidewalks. People began to chant:

The aid arrived three "paddy" and people began to press machines on sidewalks. Whereupon column demonstrators walked towards the Independence Square. From the roadway Avenue fence off its chain of policemen, police cars and "paddy".
On Independence Square several hundred commandos and fighter internal troops in flak jackets, banging batons on their shields, went on demonstrators from the Pedagogical Institute.
People afflicted with the area to the side of the carriageway and the prospectus to the hotel "Minsk". Suddenly all beheld Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov, who began managing the commandos.
Under the roar of batons Naumov declined to comment Radio Liberty. He replied:

Naumov people snapped and yelled that delay anyone who does not obey and leave the square. To the people he spoke: "Civilians face."

Several people grabbed and thrown into a police "funnels". One of the detainees had to call and say that they are being taken to another Metropolitan Police Department. Another three were detained near the bookstore "Central". After the action, when people are pushed to October Square, and then in small groups began to push toward Freedom Square, detained Misha Subach. He was in GUM, when he was approached by police and told that their disk imaging, he Tipo stolen mobile phone. Policemen were that the victim is in the Central district police. Later mom Subach said that no victim and no where her son, the police do not know. Tags: entrepreneurs

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