Autukhovich: I also resented and condemned me

January 18 he changed opinion on correctional work in the community, and he was able to return home. He was sentenced to three and a half years on charges of tax evasion in especially large size and for translating business without registration, without a license.
Autukhovich did Vawkavysk personal taxi service. Behind bars businessman spent a little more than 2 years.
Autukhovich told me that he still can not come to his senses, still do not believe that freedom because she had lost touch with her.
Avtukhovich"If a man walks up and down the two-year cell, then later, once free, it just disappears. I have at the moment it feels like I lost the person that I was lost."
Toward Freedom need getting used to, says Autukhovich. With regard to health, he has little problem and going to doctors. Under the terms of leniency, he would have to work, part of the wages will calculate. In mon he will go to the police to settle the matter. For earlier paper it has the ability to work in a transport company "Nika-Trans."
Autukhovich knows that entrepreneurs have on January 21 to protest against the decree number 760.
Avtukhovich"I take it positively, truly do what they resent. Basically me and jailed for what I did the same thing that they are doing at the moment, but I was doing one. During that sued me and that I too indignant. I said I was alone then, but at the moment a lot of them, I think all is not jail, because you have to walk to victory.’ll have to change some decisions, the authorities simply have no other choice. "
Difficulties began sovereign Autuhovich after, Decree as number 4 in 2003 they were forbidden to employ more than 3 people, on the other it was necessary to create a company. Now, as we know, this condition changed again: it is possible to hire only relatives or set up businesses. Avtukhovich in time had quit at 3 persons, other drivers, who worked on his taxi, ran over to another company. In this company he began to hire them. The Tribunal considered it illegal, and businessman imprisoned. Was confiscated half of his property, but he left the house, carpool, taxi thirteen.
Avtukhovich"My people are supported, everyone expected. Very warm met, I, an adult man, but praslyazivsya. So it was for them I was the director, a favorite, they all listened to my thoughts, and now they say: if you say so and will do. They needed a favorite, and so they just floated down the river. "
Autukhovich glad that he was not thrown into the failure of friends, team.
Avtukhovich"Not going to forgive anyone. If I did not broke, I do not have to take, and I did not have to sit in jail." Tags: Autukhovich businessman prisoner

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