Autukhovich: Prisoners are fed fish for fur animals

We continue our series of interviews with morning public editor weeks — businessmen from Vaukavysk Mikalai Autukhovich, who not so long ago changed the sentence in Minsk colony number 1 on correctional work in the community. On This time journalist Alexander Ulitenok interested in yesterday’s prisoner of criteria in the area of nutrition.
Ulitenok: "The hunger strike behind bars forced you to a specific power — able to receive it?"
Autukhovich: "As for gepatytchyka, pankreatytchyka prison diet did not suit me: she seemed oily and acidic. Excellent just what gave milk in the morning — oil. And so that food is not consumed. "
Ulitenok: "As far as the ordinary food in ordinary daily life?"
Autukhovich: "People who come to" unit "with Baranovichy bullpen, says there fed much better. And who was in Orsha bullpen already considered a paradise our dining room.
Heard from any of the prison officers of the country, allegedly from the new year food in the area has improved. Disagree: on the contrary. For example, give the finished chicken eggs — and twice a week before we received them. Boast of fish, but we were fed fish so to speak, "Technical": the guys beheld on packages with an inscription: "For the feeding of fur animals." In those troops brought labels, they say, look, you do not take people for. And for the wolves or something similar … "
Ulitenok: "A as for food aid from relatives — enough of those transmissions? "
Autukhovich: "Previously prisoners received only eight kg of transmission, and later introduced 30 — problems, such makarom, deemed unavailable.
Besides keep in mind, yet there is a shop where you can spend on food, it seems, 170 thousand. And who sits not for serious crimes who conducts himself well, actually have the ability to receive additional parcel. In ordinary operation, it also allowed the prisoner once every four months. A "Excellent" for the year can give two additional ".
Ulitenok: "But for you, I know in This is the meaninge is not particularly excelled? "
Autukhovich: "I was not given any additional parcels."
Ulitenok "Bullpen, colony, farewell, added health?"
Autukhovich: "Colonia only subtract health. This is not the camp where the rest. Here camp where spoil your health … "

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