Autukhovich released from the bullpen

He spoke to us on the phone that suddenly yesterday evening he was summoned and gave sign some papers. And now came to the colony referee yes prosecutor. They determined that the prisoner has no violations and deserves to mitigate his punishment. "I was shocked," — he admitted to us Autukhovich.
In jail Vawkavysk relatives came from one of the prisoners, and the emperor Avtukhovich asked them to wait, they took him with them. When we spoke on the phone, their car turned from Brest highway and stopped for speeding traffic police, said Autukhovich.

Evening Autukhovich got home, met with family, with friends, then went to the bath.
Autukhovich was signed July 7, 2006 at Three years and 6 months with confiscation of property for tax evasion losses for the budget in particularly large size (Article 243, part of the Criminal Code s) and for translating business without registration, without a license (Article 233, Part II). Term of imprisonment he deducts from October 15, 2005, when he was put in remand.

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