Banks offer prettier rates on deposits

Some experts believe that the Belarusian banks may have difficulties with cash. Analysts believe that the manifestations of the global economic crisis.

Head of the State Bank of disk imaging Anatoly Drozdov relative increase in the refinancing rate reads:

"Three times have changed since June. We refinancing rate tied only to an inflation index. When inflation rises — and in This year it surpasses forecast features — refinancing rate increases accordingly in order to protect people’s savings. "

Economist Yaroslav Romanchuk believes that such an increase in the refinancing rate errant NOT damamozha: 

"Generally, the refinancing rate of the State Bank, which is now less than 11%, be least one percentage point above inflation — is percent eighteenth And, of course, with such credits Belarusians will be unable to service these loans and will be removed from the apartments, from the construction of repair. "

A loans rose in virtually all Belarusian banks: the construction of housing money from 12 to 15%, ruble — from 14 to 18%. Chairman of the Board of the Belarusian Association of "real estate" Nikolai Prostolupov reads:

"Banks are some who are willing to lend to people earlier, applications for loans atrymannne not consider temporarily suspended the examination of documents. And we have about 40% of people have used loans for buying homes. Because certain — even not sure, but a significant percentage of customers may withdraw from the market. We almost for 2-weeks is palpable. "

In the offices of Russian banks temporarily stopped issuing car loans. Belarusians have fewer resources to bear in banks. If the August volume of deposits increased by 300 billion rubles, in September — only 100 billion Head of the National Bank Anatoly Drozdov disk imaging states that banks are required to lure customers:

"Even prettier offer deposits in rubles — up to 15% in foreign currency — 10.5%. Each bank has its proposals, they are independent of their own policy. "

Chairman of the Board of the Belarusian Association of "real estate" stated Nicholas Prostolupov their worldview about the increase in rates and gave such advice to citizens:

"I do not think that the citizens will suffer intensely means, in other words it is not very much help the banks. Currently world professionals — true, yet keep alive means, they are not anywhere vkladayuchy without buying anything. "Zatsiharytstsa" and wait it out the hard times. "

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