Behind bars over 2-10-s opposition

Among them businessmen, arrested on January 21 during dispersal of the rally on Independence Square, activists unregistered youth organizations, who were detained on January 16 in a day of solidarity with political prisoners and.

Now out on the street bullpen Akrestsin freedom activist left "Jeans for Freedom" Tatiana Tsishkevich. Lady was arrested for his role in action on 10 January, when more than 2-thousand people took to the streets to protest against government policies in relation to small business.
Tatiana enrolled in the second year of the Institute of Physical Culture at the coach of equestrian sports. It three times detained during street protests and whenever it all beaten. Now the woman in the court held that it thrashed on the head and face. The jacket traces of blood.
Its only arrested for 20 days.
Says an activist of the youth movement Ira Toustsik:

I think she does not carry a lot since she filed complaints, and her revenge for what it stands for their rights.

"For some reason she did not particularly lucky. I even think that does not carry a lot since she filed a complaint, and her revenge for what it stands for their rights. She remembered not only activists of the youth movement, and the riot police, the arbitrator. "
January 31 will be released to freedom activists of several youth organizations, who were arrested on January 16. Young people were detained preventively at the rink, so as not to give them to hold a rally of solidarity with Artur Finkevich. Accused them of small hooliganism.
Voice Paul Seviarynets:
"Akrestsin" really turned into an assembly flow. In fact, there is no time, if someone from the youth activists, businessmen, activists, political parties would not was sitting. Unfortunately, more and more trivial immoral regime. Women who are perfectly trained, parishioners, seized on the street, was accused of swearing that they mate, keep 15 days in inhuman criteria … With broken windows, where the disease without giving them access freshest air … Just sick of it all. "
January 16 in the Central district court detained youth activists BPF. Among them was Franak Vyachorka. He was also accused neprelichnoy battle.
Voice Vintsuk Vyachorka:
"Rules are made unilaterally content. On the one hand, it is forbidden to transfer food and its really impossible to pass. On the other hand, should be bedding, walk and many other benefits of civilization, which, obviously not. And cold. Wish to God Babes at least awake out, is not easy, not spoiled stomachs and vision. I see these behaviors authorities weaken our zeal conscious, educated, intelligent young people, including and the physical layer. "
Behind bars at the moment more than 2-10’s people. February 1, will only serve arrest protesters on January 21. It mostly businessmen from Minsk and the regions. Tags: entrepreneurs, Vyachorka Seviarynets, activists Akrestsin Tsishkevich detained

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