Belarus affected by the collapse of global markets?

January 21 on the European stock markets occurred in naisilneyshy recent years collapse. In Paris, London and Frankfurt quotes leading companies fell by 7.6 per cent due to the anxious expectations of economic recession in the United States. This was preceded by the collapse of the Asian markets and in Russia.
"It has an impact, but not enough, as we are not well integrated into the global market securities"

Doctor of Economic Sciences Boris Zheliba believes that it will affect the economic situation in Belarus, but not to the extent as in most European countries and in Russia.
"It has an impact, but not enough, as we are not well integrated in the global securities market. First incur losses western advanced countries, where there developed securities markets. And in-2 — Our homeland, which has already managed to make progress in this direction and mostly embedded in the global securities market. I believe that Belarus will be some impact, but small, "- says Dr. Zheliba.
"This applies to many of our companies"
Economist Leonid Zlotnikov states that the Belarusian integrated into the global economy, and the expected regression in the United States can not affect Belarus.
"If will be a downturn in the U.S. economy, it will decline in China. This means that the global market will be the dark metal prices drop. In case profitability of our Zhlobinsky metallurgical plant will drop from 20 to 10.5 percent. This means that taxes from this plant will be less. And there is no corresponding funds to repay loans.
This applies to many of our companies. If the world market price of oil will fall down if there is a recession in the U.S., it becomes probable downfall of the economy and Europe, and Southeast Asia. Means fall down prices of petroleum products will be reduced as a result of revenues from foreign trade of Belarus ", — says Leonid Zlotnikov.
"In the end it will be reflected in our well-being"
Economist Mike Zaleski draws attention to the fact that the economy of Belarus has an open disposition.
"Almost three-quarters of our own products we export. And we get money for it. Dynamics stock indices will impact on all cash positions, it will also affect the demand for goods. Eventually it will be reflected in our welfare. Though the market for these securities and real money market, such as Europe, we do not "- says Mike Zaleski.
Now, Japan’s Nikkei lost 5.7%, India’s main index Sensex fell by almost 10%. Shanghai Stock Exchange closed at the fall of 7.2%. Were stopped trading in South Korea, where the market lost more than 6%. In Hong Kong, the fall exceeded 8%. In Russia, January 16, the stock market index fell by 19%. Directly behind the indices came down shares of large Russian companies as "Gazprom", VTB, "Sberbank", "Lukoil", "Norilsk Nickel", RAO "UES of Russia", "Surgutneftegas".

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