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Sergei Zaprudskaya "Adam Maldis ONE IN BELARUS"

International Association in Belarusian prepared and published a large volume of articles devoted to the 75th anniversary of the founder and longtime manager is a public organization Dr. Adam Maldis. "Belarus and Belarusians in space and time" — so called collection, which has no parallel in the history of Russian publishing books. With one of its authors and editors, the chairman of the International Association in Belarusian Sergei Zaprudskaya discusses our correspondent Valentina Aksak.
Valentine Aksak‘Sire Zaprudskaya why not book himself celebrant, and a collection of articles in his honor in Belarusian Association International has decided to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Dr. Adam Maldis? "
Sergei Zaprudskaya"I have to announce that the book is the hero of the day has also been published. Denkov It almost appeared in bookstores. Publisher" Logos "is released selected works of Adam Osipovich. This in-1’s. Vo-2, although the tradition of issuing special books to perpetuate the outstanding individuals in Belarus is not very developed, yet it exists in Russian times. And if you read the whole of such types of collections, the scientific community is a very common thing. How comes a time certain anniversaries, pochetaemye scientists receive such collections invested their students. "
Aksak"On the cover of the collection in honor of Adam Maldis says" Belarus and Belarusians in space and time. "Why book called little abstracted from the name of the person, the subject?"
Zaprudskaya: "I wish for you to say that we had only two options. And some of them -" Renaissance Man "after the introductory essay Ludmila Rublevskaya. But here such type of books should be scientific, and" Renaissance Man "- is a certain way. historians addition they say that the meaning of the word "regeneration" in different ways one can be aware. If the question of the title "Belarus and Belarusians in space and time," then, in my opinion, such a title is associated with a very good personality celebrant. strongly Hero of the day did much, so we figured, what the Belarus between Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Japan, France, the United States, Great Britain. And did the same, so we figured what Belarus Time . His eighteenth century, for which he wrote the dissertation, the nineteenth century, which he strongly was busy, his book about Vladimir Karatkevich and current literary criticism, which he was engaged and involved — the twentieth century. Because, in my opinion, the title corresponds to our hero " .
Aksak: "The collection has 5 sections, and only the first of them contains articles, biographical essays and poems dedicated specifically known researcher of Belarusian literature and culture. He called Maldzisiana. Other sections are made up of various articles dealing with dilemmas old culture, modern and new Belarus. What caused edition under one cover such diverse publications? "
Zaprudskaya: "If the question of articles devoted himself celebrant, then we’ve got them eleven. And I have said that we are even more arranged such articles than usual in such publications. A major part of such compendia — it’s actually the scientific part. And if you think that these publications are very different, I think they reflect a very diverse interests Adam Osipovich. This article some very specific appeal to the works of Adam himself Osipovich have links to his work. Such collections have very different objectives: to represent the various countries, that were presented to members of the jubilee. And not necessarily that some friend of his has been the same issues such as himself. "
Aksak"You mentioned the various countries. This edition, indeed, multilingual. Filed Articles in Belarusian, Polish, in Russian, German, in English. They are written in the original writing, right? And to whom the reader- paligleta then calculated this edition? "

Multilingual collection was justified with 2 reasons. 1st — Techno …

Zaprudskaya: "Multilingualism collection was justified with 2 reasons. 1st — techno. Enough We do not have enough time given our zabugornye staff to prepare publications, and in this case we would ask them easier to write in the language of their choice. Makarom So we got the work of the British Arnold MakMilin, Austrian dasledchytsy Monica Bankovskaya zabugornyh and other colleagues. If they put any language restrictions, we would have been more difficult situation. On the other hand — it’s a tradition of publication of such collections. I myself was printed in such collections abroad me and no one ever exhibited language requirements. And we realize that the readers of similar issues — scientific, educated public, at least in Polish read. And when it comes to other languages, the readers will be the occasion to translate favorite creators of the Belarusian language . "
Aksak: "I can not refrain from the question of who the subsequent International Association in Belarusian preparing such a gift, which she did Maldis doctor?"
Zaprudskaya"I am afraid that I find it difficult to answer this question. We wrote in the introduction that this is the first we have a case where the book is dedicated to the creator, who is currently working intensively. And Adam Osipovich Maldis in Belarus such one. Formerly International Association in Belarusian issue TIR of the historical classic. "
Creators and works
BASIL Zuyenok "RBM live drop Balt BLOOD"
Poet Vasyl Zuyenok number 30 in the magazine "The verb" published an essay "klichet words or Rhyme — sonorous girlfriend", which can be regarded as the first in the Russian literary attempt to explore the genesis of the Belarusian rhymes. Coupled with the creator in an essay vchytavsya Michas Scoble.
Michas Scoble: "The Emperor Basil, the most ancient works of world poetry written without rhyme, in other words, it appeared later. When for the first time came in rhyme Old Belarusian fine writing?"

Vasily Zuyenok: "Belarusians, as in other Slavs, rhyme appeared relatively recently. But alone for himself the old rhyme. Her pedigree rises already in the ancient world. And she appeared in the 2nd millennium BC in ancient China. From there it ran across the Arab world, even daislamski. rhyme And the Arabs brought to Europe in the beginning of the Latin rhyme slightly used since the late 16th century. Folk poetry she lived much earlier. The Bible also can find a rhyme. But this is not the traditional rhyme. There is consonant with the word pops up to highlight some idea. "

"I do not know the best rhymes than in folk poetry:" And he had a daughter — as yagadachka! No poet does not invent itself. "

"Neil Gilevich studied folk art, and in his study there is a whole section devoted to rhyme. There are rhymes! Indeed, the poet never dreamed! So bright, watery — seredinka without tubs — not pinched, the owner — sold …"
Scoble: "Modern European poetry west Belarus practically abandoned rhyme. Will go this method Belarusian poets?"
Zuyenok"There’s hard to be an oracle. But if our poetry begins to refute rhyme, then this is the way unpromising deadlock. We language so rich so flexible that you can rhyme with extraordinary resourcefulness … A British or German languages fetter poets. They feel it, and therefore eschew rhyme. rhyme But lives exclusively in their own language. This is known poets who know for themselves on the bitterness of translation into other languages. "
Scoble: "From time to time the Belarusian Free verse poets translate rhymed verse. Example — translation Matyas of Nina Anakreona (albeit mediated by Ransara). Permissible to do so?"
Zuyenok"I think not. Either Anakreona or anyone else — so you need to keep in all its features and grandeur. Necessary that Anakreon Anakreonam remained. Absuchasnivats not need. Translator for God must be original. And I joke with God I do not advise. We had read that rhyming poems rhyme, and sometimes opposite — our rhymed poetry in the West translate free verse. This is even worse. "
Scoble"Who in the Belarusian poetry most consummate ryfmar? Who is the most unique rhyme?"
Zuyenok: "Here, I would pick one of the schools. Founded it Bogdanovich, developed this line of Vladimir Dubovka Joseph Forest, Pimen Panchenko, Ryhor Baradulin, Peter Macaulay. A most unique rhyme except in Panchenko. He found the sudden harmony! Remember, Esenina "You’re my Shagan, Shagan …" And in his Panchenko "Iranian diary": "Passionate eyes under the veil polyhnet Iranians — you unwittingly prashepchash name heard once -" step. " And here again the same life that rhyme only in the Belarusian language. "
Scoble"I know that immediately two Belarusian poets — Oleg Minkin in Vilnius and Sergei Sokolov Voyush in New York — make rhyming dictionaries. Either it is not a hopeless case?"
Zuyenok: "There really work can continue endlessly. Practical sense these dictionaries do not have, you can not learn to write poems in the dictionary. Philological But for any tracing they come in handy. Rhyming dictionary and the ability to show the richness of the language. Add, but that in our computer time apparently faster and better than humans would have a rhyming dictionary computer if set befitting example program. "
BASIL Zuyenok. Of new poems
Swamps, marshes … Balti …
Each other as batch.
1000 lety violence
A Balt — not perish, not risen.
A Balt alive, immortal,
God Himself said so, "Live!"
Belarusian and those living —
Balt drop of blood!
Read poems Zeno
As piano music.
Listen to the words, inspired
Birthplace seized.
Flying fiery chase
Etudy — sentences stray
As "Farewell …" Oginski,
As "Was. There. Will."
Impostors 20 first century —
Where are you from and you whose sons?
Sprout from seed byazroddya
Wild on the field wormwood.
Samarodtsy 20 of the first century,
Prykarytnay greatness ranks —
We own your own trough and Fruit:
Snout to snout, from the cradle to the grave.
Samahvaltsy 20 of the first century,
Cossack telebayuny of strange …
Yes for some reason silent bypasses
Future of your bell.
Autocrat 20 first century,
Shula vertical heresy —
Soul of the people who protect
Of peremptory shulerskih heresy
With his people, as the fate of their own,
Stand at the crossroads of centuries.
As he is in me and I in him,
Survival over the precipice.
When I look at the space of heaven
With a mission in March-ablachynak,
Or recall nache razlivisty Flatwater
With spawning shchupachynym,
When I read the pages of fields
Or think a thought forest,
Or listen to the memory greyish pebbles —
How painful heart ache!
My land, my mother, then neuzh
We deserve such fate,
What we think in terms of someone else
And other people’s songs to sing? ..

Anna KISLITSYNA. Dance watch from the "engineers of human feet," or ONLY SUN SPOTS ON MY RIGHTS

Bohumil Hrabal. Dance hours for older and more experienced. Translated from the Czech language She Maksimyuk. Mn., 2007

Belarusian-section of society shocked campaign rockers in the corridors of power … There were also those who swiftly condemned former muzkumirav for kalyabarantstva and even delivered the sentence to cart wheels, music erase … Not justify opportunism as a phenomenon, recall an episode from the history of world literature.
Recently the elections Bohumil Hrabal in 1975 had to pay under the signature of moderate interview for the right to publish in his native Czech Republic. Interviews this provoked antygrabalavskiya performances of students who burned books writer on the Charles Bridge and Campo peninsula in the center of Prague. Denounced him and a large part of culture, opposition to the regime … And so to work Hrabal 1989 and went lame — something with dragon censorship official publishing houses, in samizdat …
How easily from time to time, we delegate the right to their own independent creative people … How to easily share their love of their responsibility before us! And how swiftly condemn if their idea of freedom is not in line with our, personal … Who, apart from historians, remembers names ideology that happened to read Hrabal? Who knows the names of those students who burned his books … A product Hrabal glorified Czech Republic. Moreover. I suspect that you, our readers’ ideas about the people of this country in the most just and formed Hasek, Capek and Hrabal. Has so accurately.
Second thing is that the time to nedavneshnego Russian reader was familiar with each Russian translations of works such as "I Served the British king" and "Very Resounding solitude." Translation of "Dance hours for older and more experienced," Ian made Maksimyuk, read only a few readers of the magazine "Province". A product of this worthy!
Surely, anyone interested in literature is acceptable, has developed its own products with vzaemadnosiny Hrabal … For example, for me the burning determination Hrabal as Kafka and Hasek in one flyakone. And I always feel a disagreement when I hear or read about how Hrabal only humorist. Humor this so specific — like all members of the "Prague ironikav," — that would be great at this word to exclude or, at least, do not use in cases where the format can not give detailed explanations. Judge for yourself.
Christ, however, the doctor of all nations, support the poor, already knew that the person is prone to messing around and now cry later because had quite a force and took it all on the shoulders of the log so beaten and covered in blood dragging him two kilometers on Galgotu priests and hitherto this wonder nayahvotney teach children about the Trinity, that the father has his offspring and offspring his dad, and that they correspond with the help of turtledoves, well, shit, already in the brain creak, as if priests were not enough, they hear in confession, those hardships with illegitimate offspring and her stepfather, but that people do not, because Christ wanted to love one’s neighbor, discipline, and not the love on the couch, as some here say.
In an endless tape monologue that razmatvae Bayduny old woman before (and this is the content of the book), Christ, acting in tandem with constant Gavlichakam — represents the right heroes to humanity. Just as Mozart — or Motsartsik — which represents the rights of creators on personality, originality, nepaduladnasts common standard.
By the way, these images and symbols that seemed tsvichki, keep very long fabric of the narrative, a few. They barely recognizable historical and mythological models. So, Maria Teresa speaks only measure of physical proportions, Earl Zelikovski symbolizes roughness of the administrative system, the poet Bonds — emphasizes the idea of the author’s poetic and daily discrepancy, Anna Novakava — created sonnika — marks erotic moments … eroticism Grabalavskaga text — a phenomenon that it should be noted separately. After all, this is the rare case where language euphemism used writer, completely conceals the passion, the actual energy that is so impressive protagonist-narrator, or at the author’s definition, Bayduny, which in turn, but it nyapatasna opposes hypocrisy.
…At that time in Austria was very stylish inspect and ask who is the Father, who is son, and the holy spirit who? 1st priest even tried as Ulmanavy sisters could not answer him, than that is the reality of the Holy Trinity, the priest and put them naked on a hot stove priests, and of those sisters later married, no one wanted to deal with them, if they did not know about the Holy Trinity, in truth, no one really knew, but pretended to know those sisters planted sunflowers …

Yet here the expression "For Austria …" — Virtually identical to ironic sense approvingly that invest Belarusians old Westerners in cultural-historical analogue "for Poland." Generally, the Belarusian spirit in the book "Dancing hours for senior and experienced" rich. First, it came thanks to a good as in my opinion, the translation It Maksimyuk whose afterword "About Uncle Pepina hours and Dance" I certainly advise you to read. And because of a certain national character agreeing presented our literature.
Here we should mention the "Lower Bayduny" Yankee Bryl, in fact, the only piece that can cook Belarusian reader to meet chatty hero "Dance hours." Cultural parallels of these writers could be the subject of a separate discussion, but I will note the main thing that connects them voedinyzhdy: the ability to build a basic truth, "the truth of the poor, good, reasonably-gay man" (Ya Bryl. Bayduny Lower).

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