Belarus will own Institute for Public Memory

Public organization "Institute for Public Memory" is created to continue the initiated members of the organizing committee study period of Stalinist repression. The institute has also examine the difficulties and promote the achievements of the Belarusian civilization, from Poland to the present day, says one of the founders, writer Vasily Yakovenko:
"Splayed fingers can not be helped. And because you need healthy national forces gather in a fist. Example, in Poland there is" Instytut Pamieci Narodowej "- a state institution. We — the public. Because the government would have welcomed our initiative and help. It’s all will work independence our country . "
Immediately in Minsk Court resumes public condemnation of crimes of Stalinism in Belarus. Within 2 years he was held in the form of hearings and interrupted the occasion of mourning the 70th anniversary of the culmination of repression. But this work as before remains topical, says scientist Igor Kuznetsov:
"We’re back to the same dilemma that led to the greatest human victims. Indeed, in life includes the new generation, and in textbooks topic or not it is served in a distorted form. The question is that this problem is endless. "
Also This year Belarusian Society of National Monuments volunteer organized an award named Frantisek OLEKHNOVICH. It will reward for their hard work in perpetuating the memory of the victims of Communist terror. The purpose of this award is ordinary and understandable, says chairman of the society Anton Astapovich:
"The government has a history of political repression, especially Stalin, not engaged and not interested in them. Because this award — that provoke people to give honor to those involved this problem . "

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