Belarusian language in the public everyday life in 2007

Regarding mandatory structures — practically nothing. Even with the large international tribunes — General Assembly of the United Nations, the OSCE sessions, the Council of Europe — the official Belarusian representatives — Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Natalia Pyatkevich minister of foreign affairs, Sergei Martynov, chairman of the FPB Leonid Kozik, former parliament speaker Vladimir Konoplev — performed at Russian language.
In Belarusian parliament acts only one member of the 210 — chairman of the committee on education, culture, science Vladimir Zdanowicz.
Z.Savka: "The authorities have decided to ban tarashkevitsa"

In the Belarusian parliament this year received only one bill in the Belarusian language — "Rules of the Belarusian orthography and punctuation", which was adopted in the first reading. Alignment linguist Dmitry Scoops:
"Unfortunately, it happened that the authorities have decided to ban tarashkevitsa and" cover "this anti-democratic step the law on the introduction of new rules. I believe that it is very harmful for the first step. Suppose they honestly did this step — tarashkevitsa recognized anti-state phenomenon on This was all over, and not least maim narkamavskaga spelling. "
Belarusian Language Society have gained that all ads in public transport sound at the moment in Belarusian. Even passengers greetings Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Transporters try, however, and mistakes happen. On the days of the plate read in 37th trolley: "Not advablivaytse the driver while driving the trolley."
Intensive start to fight for the rights of youth language. In this test, the Belarusian language passed 87 thousand students — almost 40% of all (That’s a quarter more than last year). Knows the chairman of the Society of the Belarusian language Oleg Trusov:
"In Minsk, the first time the number of applications in the Belarusian-language classes was more than places — not many enough. For the first time Belarusian-made gardens in Grodno and Mogilev. Creates first Belarusian-language class in Bereza.
We defended the study of Belarusian language at all universities, as well want to throw again, and we were not given. Especially since that moment, the authorities are trying to throw it again, and we had a parliament, at the moment we will again gather signatures of people, so all the same language in the universities to quit as a subject. "
"There is a certain loss, but there is also hope"

Says the chairman of the Society of Belarusian schools Ales Lozko:
"To form a year — typical. There are certain loss, but there is also hope. According to the number of classes and schools is becoming less and less. Less in villages, but in Minsk — revived national life."
This year, a number of public organizations organized an award named Vaclav Lastovsky for teachers of Belarusian universities, while not marked were teachers of the humanities, and mathematician, physician, geographer. At the end of the year will be announced on the competition favorites "Belarusian teacher-2007."
But there is a loss in this direction. Changed school programs from the Belarusian literature: study significantly reduced creativity Vasil Bykov, Gregory Borodulin Gilevich Nile and other classics. BLS says chairman Oleg Trusov:
"We have also lost Belarusian-municipal calendars — yet in stores no 1st, no flip, no walls or tear. While private persons issue -" Fatherland ", for example. And the government did not issue a Belarusian-calendars — the first time in 20 years .
Again in Russian boy sang that prevailed at Eurovision — our language icing. On the other hand, from the underground began to produce Belarusian-group — all these "Krambambulya" oxygen gave them a little more. "
"With everything except the language, we have excellent"
In Belarus, are individuals who are able to move the stereotypes. If gamelchanin Sergey Semenov vorachivalsya from Ukraine, he refused to fill the Russian declaration form and asked to be given a form in the Belarusian language, for which he was eventually brought to administrative responsibility. Customs officers first systematized it as "insubordination official requirements." Ultimately, the tribunal sought to Semenov 30 baselines fine — about 450 bucks. Sergey Semenov reached the fact that the declaration issued in the Belarusian language. Chairman of the Constitutional Court Grigory Vasilevich said in public: " The Belarusian Constitution embodies the inadmissibility of discrimination on religious, sexual, racial and linguistic principles. With everything except the language, we have excellent ", and reminded responsible for contempt of Municipal language has not been canceled.
Managed to achieve a number of streets to call the names of prominent Belarusians — Napoleon Orda, Jazepa Drozdovich Ivan Shamyakin. At the moment there is a real struggle with the Ministry of Justice, which got involved and deputies of the Minsk city — city streets for assigning names Lew Sapieha, and Edward Voinilovich Yankees Bryl. Well Belarusian-cards, envelopes, stamps — they really came very many.
Belarusian-language advertising — less than 1%
If in past years was a lot of Belarusian advertising this year — this one, and even then, in Belarusian reklyamuyutstsa zabugornye office — "Samsung", "Reno", "Adidas", and not Belarusian producers, says art director 1 — th of the leading marketing agencies Sergei Skripnichenko:
"It shifts, which are called" dead praparka. "What is being done some advertising in Belarusian — it does not solve any problems advertising — does not influence the advertising does not solve the problem with the Belarusian language in general. I like patriotic people I welcome such initiatives, but for all that I am a realist and I see that nothing changes. Discover marketing newspaper and count: even 1% you will not find the Belarusian-language advertising. billboards Just do companies that have great budgets and we right these huge billboards notice in the town. And it seems that a lot of this advertising. But the total number of advertising is less than 1%. "
By TBM views chairman Oleg Troussov this year …
"The most important thing is that we came out decent — it was a Belarusian-language" Belsat "- what TBM sought for many years. Channel began to act."
People’s Poet of Belarus Neil Gilevich, watching today’s shifts, expressed very optimistic:
"Despite all the incidents, most young people, prompted by the Lord God himself whether gut feel that it is necessary, we must, if not us, then who? All hope — young people. Native language you like? Let us not lose heart, do not we pessimistic! It does not happen, that the 10-million people somehow suddenly, slowly, with someone’s satanic forces lost their own state form, first own language. Everything is depending on us. "

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