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Propagandist Vysotsky was in Belarus Desk

Over one and a half years, the 10-ka Vladimir Vysotsky collaborated with Belarusian filmmakers. Better known for his role tapes — "I come from a youth" and "War under the roof," directed by Victor Turov, "Sasha Sasha" Vitaly Chatsverykova. He created music and songs to several films ("Sons go into battle," etc.), and the song "On the mass graves do not put crosses" became almost an anthem of the war in its real dimensions.
In 1979, exactly one year before the death of Vladimir Vysotsky in Minsk House officers have been sold out three-week tour of the Taganka Theater (Vysotsky minchane have seen in productions of "Hamlet", "10 days that shook the world," "The Good Person of Sezuanu") .
Director Valery Ponomarev had already knew Vysotsky, which "nodding" met at the sites of "Mosfilm". And for the first time about the "star" that shone on the semi-underground concerts in Moscow, Ponomarev vyznat middle of 1960 students of Theatre Arts Institute:
"He prepared his speech at the Polytechnic Institute. And we just hostel near the main body of the BPI. Unfortunately, did not get to the concert, as the Theatre Institute just was not allowed. Later, there were several other performances. In Belarus, his closest friend was Victor Turov. He was shot, one of the first roles was just as "I come from youth." And if there has been, in the crew (most likely due to the same rounds) appeared reel. How to pause on the site gukaaperatar a break "kerf" Vysotsky. All went mad! I remember in 1973, Bon. Dob takes "Streets without end." Someone runs and yells, "No! Order exclude, he denied!." And a damn. Gukaaperatar includes tonvagen, put on the roof speaker — Polotsk to hear, not what Novopolotsk. "
Cameraman Dmitry Zaitsev was next to Victor Turov on virtually all shooting pictures. And confirms that Vysotsky with delight visited Belarus, first communion for tours. On exotic at the time, "Citroen" Vysotsky wife, Marina settle, they are often swept transit via Belarus to France.
In Paris — through Minsk and Nowogródek
About joint adventures and echoing note of those meetings to remember This time — because of this Vysotsky owed even at the disposal of management Taganka Theater advance leave Minsk during a tour in 1979. Vysotsky and tours were almost the same age. Tours for 16 years has experienced a friend:
"Whenever he went to Paris or anywhere abroad, always call in Minsk. This apart, when practically lived here. Turov Since they generally were inseparable friends huge. Songs he wrote for the" starting point. "And Marina also settle song for "Points …" wrote. And in general, if a person is still alive, people may not realize what a personality, and he was treated like others, who walked through the corridors of the studio. I’ve already heard he was on our "Alpine Ballad" in practice, the song "On a neutral strip" we put all the pictures of mountain meadow. But the memory of our first meeting — Odessa, 1967. We chose nature and hit with Marukhin a picnic on the beach. And when approached, he was singing — such husky voice, such a nasty performance, I could not stand it well and say, "What is all the same for [***] here is broken?" He was already a "tipsy" but yet … "
Although Vysotsky in Belarus visited more of production needs, it did not avoid stress, his forefathers come from Meshchanskaya settlement in Moscow, from the XVII century populated Belarusians (implying that the roots — in Polessie). But the Belarusian binding his wife Marina settle more real: in transit through Belarus they dropped in on Novogrudka, the home of her father. And the ruins of the castle Novograd drove them recognizable historian and archaeologist Mikhail Tkachev. And specifically in the Grodno region, according to Dmitry Zaitsev, Desk arranged for friends "honeymoon":
"They hit the lake Svitiaz. Spent some time there, but know later many stories about them with Marina Vlady. As usual, they were there" padkochvalisya "different elements with different purposes. And if later they were that it Vysotsky — no one could believe it. Say, where Vysotsky here? After images seen on the screen, and the man in my life — they are incompatible. at least, so it seems people. But there any missing, Volodya also drank very .. . And the fact that they were there on vacation with Marina — so it’s a fact. fact Desk Svitiaz made them on such a typical honeymoon. "
While working on dylegiyay "Sons go into battle" and "War under the roof" Vladimir Vysotsky many contacted Ales Adamovich, in whose works and puts these films. And if the "sons …" Vysotsky sounds, the "War …" his voice censorship "slaughtered."

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