Belarusians are illegal immigrants?

Lady: "Treat them very relaxed and peaceful. I think that most of their own it is very great people. Hardworking. Let them come and live in health. "
Man: "My business — positive. I believe that they should be given the job. "
Woman: "I treat them positively. If they will work benefit our country, I do not see nothing wrong. "
Man: "Migration — this, of course, the thing is compulsory. Because to these people must be treated very respectfully. Realize in what circumstances they are. Home to part with a lot of pain. For example, at the moment in Belarus plight. Increasing pressure from the country. Very basically, that we perfectly perceived in Europe. "

Surely that needs a personal approach. See xenophobia is not difficult to wake

Reporter: "How do you feel about illegal migrants in Belarus? Then what to do? How to handle them? "
Lady: "Let them live, naturally. Fact any of us probably would be in a position where must be leave. Each has the right to to life, no matter where he was. "
Lady: "I repeat the same thing. I fully agree. But, honestly, until she has never experienced workers. "
Man: "Realize this question is very difficult. Nibudt What exactly can assert. Since different situation. France — with the Arabs, in Germany — with the Turks. Surely that needs a personal approach. See, xenophobia is not difficult to wake. Therefore it is necessary to create the right conditions. "
Man: "We need to do something. Question: What? We do not have enough housing for its own native inhabitants. And at the same time to give apartments to migrants? It also It would be incorrect. Requires that a programm respectively. Harsh programm developed spices. "

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