Belarusians have their emigrant culture

Public editor this week Lena Makovskaya finished Linguistic Institute and the Academy of Management, at the 3rd Congress in 2001 was elected to the position of chairman of the board of international public association "World Association of Belarusians" Fatherland ", was re-elected at the next congress in 2005. Every morning, journalist Alexander Ulitenok says Mrs. Makovsky about different quality of life of the Belarusian emigration.
Ulitenok"Does the state members of the" motherland "to resist the globalist culture today postindustrial society — assist Belarusian emigrants to retain their cultural identity?"
Makovskaya"Those organizations of the Belarusian diaspora who support this identity, turning to us for help with certain materials, technique, and we always meet. And to" Fatherland ", used state support, would promote this more fully."
Ulitenok"The representatives of the so-called" Third World "samaizalyuyutstsa from western or American, for example, culture and form their own enclaves. Young Belarusian emigration is this method or new finds itself with a new business world?"
Makovskaya"Our emigrants are very open to everything that happens in the world. But those who are politically active, they persist Belarusians".
Ulitenok"If the motto" Belarus — to Europe! "Our people in it in the end turn out to be — they fit into the standards of European democracy and culture better than, for example, Pakistanis or Afghans?"
Makovskaya"Yes, certainly — better."
Ulitenok"Can we talk about the general culture of the emigrant Nation?"
Mkovskaya"Certainly, so. Indeed specifically Belarusian emigrants gave Belarus a lot of poets, writers, painters. Strongly lot of names from such people hitherto remained unknown. We ever even read about certain features of the Belarusian language, formed in the postwar emigration environment."
Ulitenok"A contiguous, so to speak, of the Diaspora — Russian, Ukrainian, Polish — very influenced by the Belarusian emigration, not absorb it?"
Makovskaya"I have to admit — they swallow Belarusian emigration. Stronger emigration centers and abilities can provide even more so immigrants could realize themselves. And given the rather weak national identity of Belarusians need to recognize that the Belarusians themselves are often willing to join other diasporas."
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