Belarusians hooked on gaming needle

This convinced Belarusian municipal supervision and control. The reason — a suitable geographical location of Belarus also unimportant distance from Moscow. Indeed whether Russian capital reached westward?
Exactly a year earlier, in December 2006, in the Russian Federation, the Federal Law "On the municipal regulation of activities in the organization and conduct of gambling." In accordance with it, is scheduled to make four play areas: in the Kaliningrad region, also in Krasnodar, Altai and Primorsky regions where naypazney by mid-2009 gaming establishments should move with all of.
Russian expansion covers the periphery of the Belarusian
Redistribution of gaming space has led to growth in the number of slot machines that have already moved from Russia to Belarus. After the adoption of the said Act, the State Control Committee voiced number if on 1 September 2006 in Belarus was 170 subjects with licenses to operate in the play area, then a year later they became already two hundred and fortieth
There is a tendency to embrace the regions: in the first half of 2007, the fraction of entities registered in Minsk fell from 54% (at the beginning of the year) to 43%. So Makar, there is an outflow of capital from businesses in regions where lower tax rates.
Minsk City Council deputy Lyudmila cleat convinced that the dynamics of the emergence of new gaming establishments leaves no hesitation concerning Russian expansion. She believes that this process will take, and it should take under close scrutiny:
"We ask the government to attract attention. Not to state the fact that they have already started work and complaints began, and warn him. Indeed, we even know and do not know that in some places there was a game establishment, if only see advertising, then learn that she there. And people always complain that it prevents them from advertising, the noise, the ventilation, the smoke coming, then clicks.
For example, in the Russian region there are many elderly people. A gambling establishments mainly in the center: Independence Avenue, Kuibyshev Street. If buildings were even more that are separately, is somehow possible to realize. In short, the tenants come and complain that here you have given them permission. Yes we did not! If we could agree on the start area, the person who rents the room, came to us and said, that want to stay here and there. We would write: this room is not applicable for several reasons. Or alternatively, a suitable — please. "
Ban gambling establishments — a sign of totalitarianism
Gaming market participants themselves the problem of Russian expansion and rampant "gambling" believe exaggerated.
So, Minsk businessman, the owner of the casino chain "Dankoff" Yuri Dankoff convinced that in the case of the emergence of new institutions at the table casino and guns in Belarus come from wealthy Russian "means stuffed pockets." Will involve hotels, restaurants, general quicken all veselitelnaya sphere. And try to take control of gambling Dankoff sovereign right calls "a return to Russian Times":
"We have to realize that if we work and live in a totalitarian state, where there should be nothing superfluous, then really let’s close all the restaurants, all discos, all casinos. Lets all go back to and close the" scoop "in Russian Alliance. Where in We, as in present-day Belarus, there was nothing. again return to the restaurants "prefabricated meals" that they themselves invent and provide us with as uncontested. And we’ll go to the stupid self-destruction of civilization.
There will be no development, no creative freedom, we just silly to go nowhere. We have already come to that policy to ensure that rich people do not even run the risk of birth day note in Belarus: leave the country to its neighbors — Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Poland — and take out the money earned here. Here is what is happening now. "
Other observers believe that in the context of any single positive things for themselves alone the phenomenon of excess hobbies game has bad effect.
As one of the convinced supporters of creation in Belarus similar to Russian "game Reservation" member of the House of Representatives Vasily Khrol, significant piece of equipment that comes from Russia, morally and physically obsolete, formerly in use, and does not comply with either Russian or Belarusian legislation. On conviction Khrol, when Belarus and let this business, then "zero" and as may be further away from the capital. For these purposes, he is ready to sacrifice even his polling station at the heartstrings:
"Since the break fate, broken lives. Particularly unsafe is the transition from mild to severe admiration" gambling. "That contingent who gets there — it’s not rich. Substitutions people with average incomes — in order to earn money lungs. Because I support the idea of ordering this area.
First step — prompting strict order, and the second step — is to eliminate all of these casinos in big cities, peradyslyakatsyya them in some not bad, lovely place. In order to come back later and investments from appease those citizens that it brings to them, isolate them. "
Coming from the east — all the gaming front
According to the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, for the first half of 2007 in Belarus was imported in 1367 slot machines, including 694 from Russia.
Even in the summer as the objects of taxation was recorded 136 gaming tables, 2,278 slot machines, 103 cash bukmekerskih offices. But September 1 — 141 has a game table, 3704 and 123 machines bukmekerskiya cash. So Makar, for 10 months of 2007 compared with the figure at the end of 2006 the number of registered slots in Belarus increased by 1426 units (an increase of 62.6%), banks bukmekerskih offices — 20 units (almost 20%).
To the negative factors involve Belarus in active gaming space include many spirited acclimatization game business in residential areas. Minsker Yuri Maslenak once he was very fond of going to the casino and deceit destiny in "one-armed bandit." At the moment, worried that it will go by 16-year-old offspring. Shortcomings in the clubs is not even on the periphery:
"And there are already everywhere. I myself, frankly, taken aback. Serebryanka We have in the municipal deli Russian type, from the side in the end there was a small room. They sold one time paint, motor oil later. But it all went bankrupt, as district itself for a sleeping, and more lives proletariat. But after not so long ago, there have put slot machines, folk track there is not overgrown, hitting in all. That’s demand is, and people stroll.
I’m going to work in the afternoon, go out and 7th to start the car, and there are already people "hanging out." So already climbed. I will say, one of my friends working in the system of the gaming equipment in St. Petersburg. And knows exactly what St. Petersburg bars here these one-armed "robbers." But states that currently faced with some neuvvyazkami and something they have not really allowed. "
Synonyms "player": loser, fool, a thief?
Psychologist Misha Dernakovski convinced that the Belarusian society is literally flooded with games mania. Even someone who does not visit the halls of slot machines and casino voluntarily gives funds for various lotteries, which in recent years has bred a majestic huge amount. And that, in the views of spices, not the best relationship, even if associated with slot machines:
"Regarding the mechanism of the occurrence of this dependence. Played in the lottery, usually, people, huge amounts of money never beheld. A casino — which in fact have gained more in life, for himself alone richer. But what about the common symptoms, it means improving that a person brings to the game. irritation when people around you think of the fact that he plays a lot. other words, he tries to "fend o
ff" arguments, but do not just relaxed, and in a state of extreme irritability, because he can not quite believe it’s really happening to him.
After — worsening feelings of guilt. In other words, at times still has a feeling of guilt that he loses money. Sense of play and the ability to win it very very connected with this notion as self-esteem. Man begins to take himself a loser and it is perceived as a higher degree of punishment. And the word loser — as an insult. As the word is equivalent to the word fool. And all this is directly linked to a decrease in self-esteem of man. "
What tools revolve in the gaming industry — read not taken even the experts of the industry. Often with all this nod to Russia — the truth, in all this, too limited to, statements about "napavkryminalnyh billion dollars."
Against this background, it looks much more acute moral problem: what a man possessed by the idea reproduced return funds? Evidence suggests that the dependence is pushing for steps that sometimes defy explanation. In late November, was arrested 26-year-old special Settlement Centre 1st of Gomel banks. The young man on the official seal Bankovaja obligations with cuts and packs for 4 months "navytsyagvav" more than 60 million rubles (30 thousand dollars). During the investigation, he said, wanted to make such makarom loss in the casino.

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