Belneftehim frozen accounts in Latvia and Estonia

Resolution of the Council of the Estonian "Hansapank" Frozen Account Enterprise "Belneftehim Baltic OU", — reports now Estonian newspaper "Business News". Almost financial structure expressed support for the U.S. President, who claimed to freeze all funds and economic resources which are to belong, into the possession or under the control of the President of Belarus.
A similar step was taken by the Latvian and "Hansabanka". However, at the time the accounts were unlocked again. Latvian media quoted the head of the board "Belneftehim Baltic SIA" Vladimir Demidov, who explained to that it made in order "to enable to understand the situation."
In "Belneftekhim" declined to comment on such measures and assistant chairman of the concern Viktor Azarov said that he has on this account reliable disk imaging:
"I do not know any events because I do not presume to comment on …"
It is significant that these countries are willing to bear the loss of action against "Belneftekhim". For example, last year transit through Latvia passed 11.6 million tons of "Belneftekhim": 8.6 million tons of oil and 3 million tons of potash fertilizers. If we proceed on the basis of (roughly the figure refer to the "Belneftekhim Baltic" service fees steel roads, terminals, ports, etc. are estimated at about 15 dollars per ton. Assuming such calculation, in the past year, Latvia has earned 174 million bucks. But after joining the sanctions imposed by the United States, will have to accept the loss of these revenues.
Ivars Ivan, manager management "Hansabanka", says that not everything is measured in financial losses:
"In one word hard to put everything to comment on such delicate matters. Necessary to know all the inner workings to bring clear arguments" for "or" against "such decisions."
Intrigued "Belneftekhim" significant in the Baltics

For example, in Latvia concern last year exported goods worth about 138 million dollars. During the first half of 2007 — already at 219 million dollars. Through the ports of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, it takes about 80% of the total export volume of oil concern. Overall, in the past year, the volumes of petroleum products amounted to: in Latvia — 71.2%, Estonia — 18.6%, Lithuania — 10.2%.

Recall that on November 13 administration George W. Bush froze accounts of municipal concern "Belneftekhim". Introduced by the Ministry of money U.S. sanctions concern all "Belneftekhim" in Germany, Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic States and China, as the South American branch of the concern «Belneftekhim USA". With all these organizations to citizens of the United States may not enter into transactions and conduct financial affairs.
Sanctions against Belarus by the United States and other countries that have joined them, will be in effect until such time as the official Minsk will not see the willingness to respect democratic norms.
Help. "Belneftekhim" includes 80 organizations and 130 thousand workers involved in oil refining. Products exported Concern over in 80 countries. Foreign trade turnover "Belneftekhim" is 7.5 billion dollars a year. In the structure of exports concern occupy 56% oil, 16% — potash, 6.6% — tire production association "Belshina". Other petrochemical products in the export structure is about 22%.

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