Benefits bureaucrats have not canceled

Tsigankov: "Are there sociologists study how Belarusian citizens react to the abolition of privileges. And ready to defend their rights those who expressed dissatisfaction with the abolition of privileges? "

Sasnou: "As the public poll conducted in September INEC, approximately two thirds of the respondents were against the abolition of privileges. About 20 percent were in favor, to cancel them. Every fourth then said that he was ready to participate in the" Social March "against repeal of benefits. But we remember what happened even less.
Tsigankov: "December 17 issued a decree of Alexander Lukashenko," On some measures of state support of the population. " Does this help address those social benefits and payments that were canceled by the law? "
Sasnou: "This is not the first attempt to eliminate the benefits of Alexander Lukashenko. First was the summer of 1995 — when he had part return benefits.
Presidential decree, which came not replace those benefits that have been canceled, and their number is increasing. Coupled with the benefits were canceled, many compensation, for example, Chernobyl victims. This is absolutely not the benefits, it is compensation for the loss of the country’s health these people while protecting their municipal interests. Read that it made true — you can not.
Moreover, at the moment there are some benefits that were not there before, the other leaders. For example, there are some real provision for former employees of the government, former managers of the highest level. It is very significant. So here it is for some reason not canceled. "

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